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50 Amazing Cosplays from Anime Expo!
I didn't go to Anime Expo, but boy do these cosplays make me wish I did!!! I came across an album of photos by amazing photographer Laffing Stock and wanted to share some of my absolute favorites! A lot of these aren't anime, but a lot of them are so I'm still publishing it to anime too ;)
Be sure to enjoy his full album on imgur - there's like 300+ amazing photos!

Be sure to check out Laffing Stock's official page!

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that kill la kill tho
a year ago·Reply
went for 2 days , 1 st time going, amazing, definitely going next year
a year ago·Reply
It was amazing <3 the Naruto meet up was inspiring!
a year ago·Reply
@Lalaichan141 1 is Ikoma from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress i can't figure out what 5 is....its on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember.... 6 is from tokyo ghoul but kind of a spoiler so I'll leave the name off lol and 9 is just some girls dressed in steampunk esque clothing i think!!!
a year ago·Reply