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This reminds me of when I first started playing WoW.

Sometimes you've just got to be okay with looking like you 'Tasmanian Devil'-ed your way through the 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy's wardrobe department. It just might save your ass.

What else do you get OCD about when you're gaming?

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@animerg13 HAHAHA Really? Even if it's really strong armor?
a year ago·Reply
@danidee I would just change the rest of my outfit to match it...
a year ago·Reply
depends on the game. monster hunter series has always been about fashion show for me and my brother
a year ago·Reply
@Stefanlie03 I've never played it! What kind of game is it? RPG?
a year ago·Reply
@danidee its about killing giant monsters that can 1 shot you using primitive weapons such as swords or bows. you carve their body parts to make better armour, then hunt bigger monsters.
a year ago·Reply