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Joshua's Acoustic Guitar Covers Will Slay You

Joshua of Seventeen is the worst bias to have because he's pretty much the definition of Boy Next Door.

He's sweet, smart, loves his family, plays guitar, and is ridiculously attractive. STOP IT JOSHUA.

Here are a few acoustic covers just to kill you :D You're welcome!

Sunday Morning Cover (Maroon 5)

Breakeven / Baby Good Night Cover

Because of You Cover (After School)

Because of You Cover (After School)...again :3

Did any of you survive this card?

Ahh!! He's hot! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
this is what I live for. and it's killing me. .sigh.
im already having troubles picking a bias from there, i DONT NEED THIS! JOSHUA NO SWIPING
I cannot survive besides he's my ultimate bias!! Joshua really is the definition of the Boy Next Door and Prince Charming Totally my ideal type
gotta love Joshua
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