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Alright, alright, alright. What? I can't decide if this is horrifying or hilarious. Basically, these people were challenged to recognize anime characters by their chests. Yep. Their chests. Watch it below...

I was expecting to be totally disgusted,

but then I got 4 of the answers right LOL. The thing is, most people were recognizing them not by their actual chest, but by the clothes on that chest & the hair/accessories that could be seen with it, so it wasn't so bad.
I'm all for a healthy love of characters, but this could have gotten much, much weirder than it did XD
But what the hell was that last guy talking about???? "The real trump is the one in the rump" LMAO??? WHAT!!!! WHAAAAAAAATT. I just. Okay. Bye.

Anyways, how many did you recognize?

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missed two :(
a year ago·Reply
there was only 7
a year ago·Reply
i got 3. disappointed bc 3 is small, and 3 is too much
a year ago·Reply