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It had been a long two days. He was calling or texting when he wasn't doing anything and she indulged him. She didn't know how or what he'd done to her, but she was starting to feel intense feelings him. "Wait a minute, what happened?" she asked she practically yelled over the phone. "I over stepped, slipped, and banged my other knee on the floor. It's kind of bruised now, so I got left behind. I was told to stay here and keep ice on it." he said in that little pouty voice. She shook her head in disbelief, "Oh my gahhh... so no one's there to help you. I thought there's always a manager around." He looked around the room, he laughed, "Not in the room with me but he is down the hall in his own room. So don't worry." She thought about how crazy the fans can get, it troubled her that he was left alone. The first time she was at their show, some fans had snuck backstage and was waiting for them in the bathrooms. The tall one and the mouthy one had come back from the restroom, shaking. They reported the fans being there, the mouthy one said a couple of them tried to hold him down and take his pants off. Scary stuff. But she tried to push that out of her mind because there was something else that was bugging her, it was making her feel selfish. "My little oppa, can I ask you something?" he asked laying on her bed wrapped in his jacket. "Anything, you can ask me anything, except.... umm never mind" he said, chuckling a little at his own thoughts. "No, no what is it, what can I never ask?" she insisted. "Uh... hm... I, uh... never mind! just ask your question." he said. "If I am yours, then you're mine, right? It's not one sided, correct?" she asked. She felt a little stupid asking but after talking with her friend, who was gung-ho in getting her a boyfriend, their conversation left her with questions. Her phone started buzzing in her ear, he was wanting to video chat. He stared at her from hundreds of miles away, he didn't have a happy look on his face. "Are you seriously asking me that? What would make you think I wasn't?" His head went down, she could see the top of his head, going back and forth, "No, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise" he said staring into the phone, "I usually don't make an effort to be with anyone because they always willing to jump at the opportunity. I don't have to do anything but just smile at them, and they are willing to jump into bed with me.....oh!" he stopped and started laughing nervously when he seen her eyebrow lift up when he said that. "What!?" she said giving him a mean look. "No no no no, I don't sleep with them but they are willing just because I look at them or even just smile...." he laughed and covered his face, embarrassed, "Please don't look at me like that." She just giggled with him, "So how alone are you?" His face slightly red, a big smile on his face, "I am alone until they come back from exploring. Why?" She grinned a sly grin. She set her phone on the night stand next to her bed, "Can you see me?" She took his jacket off, "Can you see all of me?" His eyes went big, his mouth dropped. "Wait, wait." He jumped off the bed, limped over to the door and latched it shut. He limped back, taking his shirt off, plugging his earphones in so that only he could hear her, laid down on his stomach cradling his phone in both hands, "okay, baby, I'm yours." She sat on her knees, slowly unbuttoning the top of her shirt, she ran her hands over her body hungrily, tugging at her shirt before slipping it off over her head. Leaving herself sitting on her bed in only her underwear. "Is there anything you want me to do?" she asked. He bit his lip, "let your hair down." She did as he said. "Come a little closer baby" he told her. She crawled on all fours closer to her phone. "Take your bra off and squeeze your breasts." She sat on her knees again, running her hands up her body to her breasts, squeezing them softly, then playing with her nipples, pulling them a little. "Move your hand down between your legs." She did what he said. She let out a small gasp when fingers grazed over her most sensitive part. He had to turn over onto his back when his member started to get hard. "Do you feel that? That's my hand touching you. Mmmm baby I can feel how warm you are..." he said feeling himself, "Take them off" She repositioned the phone, so he could see her when she leaned against the headboard. Now completely naked, one leg lying flat so he could watch her hand movement. She stroked herself slowly, let herself believe it really was his hand. Small moans and his name escaped her mouth. His light rubbing turned into full stroking, one hand firmly wrapped around himself. "Baby, I want you so bad, I want to be inside you." "You mean like this" She pushed her fingers in, letting out a moan so sweet that he couldn't help but stroke himself harder and faster. Biting his lower lip, he started to moan, he looked into the screen watching her, listening to her little whimpers of pleasure. His hips thrusting up into his strong hand. The pain in his knee became a blur compared to what he was feeling. He felt his body starting to shake, that feeling of release getting closer and closer. He didn't even care that he had dropped his phone and was gripping the pillow under his head, just hearing her moan and call out his name was more than enough to push him over the edge. She was close, he could hear it in her voice. "Baby I'm gonna come" he called out. "Me too..." he heard her say. His hips thrusted up into the air when he exploded hearing her squeal with intense pleasure. His whole body relaxed, it felt good, he even closed his eyes, ready to fall asleep until he heard her calling his name. He quickly picked the phone up, gazing into her face. "You're mine, baby, you're mine forever." he said to her, "You belong to no one else but me, understand" She sank down into her pillow, gazing back at him, "I understand... My little god. I worship only you." She seen him look toward the door suddenly. "I have to go, my hyung is back, okay. I'll be back tomorrow, okay. Bye" he said kissing the screen. She just waved until he hung up.
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