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After 11 seasons, you'd think the judges have already seen it all on 'America's Got Talent'. However, nothing prepared them for this.
90-year-old Dorothy Williams officially scored herself a spot on the show's finale after winning the audience - and host Nick Cannon - over with her cabaret striptease show.


Apparently, Dorothy has been dancing since she was 17, and went on the show to prove to people of all ages that you're never too old to take off your clothes. I mean, entertain.
The judges were so fascinated by Dorothy's song, strip, and - spoiler alert - nipple tassels that she won the Golden Buzzer, a special honor reserved for a select few contestants that take the talent straight from their first audition to the final round.

In short, brace yourselves for Dorothy's encore.

So what do you guys think about stripteasing Dorothy?

Is there such a thing as TOO old? Or do you think senior strippers are on their way to becoming America's next hottest entertainment trend?
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OMG I saw this a couple of days ago and it was great she killed it馃槀馃憤
Oh my 馃槀馃槀 them tassels lol
I was watching this the other day and my sister came over and said "what rusty pole did they find her on?" And I don't know why that was so funny, especially since she did a great job, but omg, a rusty pole? Lol.
@danidee your very calm i like that
@danidee that's what I was thinking. She's still pursuing her dream. She got married at 79 and outlived her husband. This is a spunky and strong woman.
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