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Christina is returning to "The Voice" in a much slimmer body! "I'm the type of person that I cannot live in front of a camera 24 hours a day,"said Christina. "I have to take breaks and stay connected with myself, and I think it's important so that you can then be your best on-camera and find your own happiness with it."
@blairwitme @miranpark88 I think this usually happens for people who lose lots of weight, I'm not really sure, but look at Jennifer Hudson
@blairwitme @miranpark88 but why do i feel like her head and/or proportion is a little off? or maybe because of the angle of the photo?
@shoenami Genie in a bottle! lol yes, she got the same vibe as before again! @miranpark88 I'm pretty sure she has loads of trainers and nutritionists lol she even took some time off "The Voice" to do this!
holyyy shes losing a lot of weight but the right way! Hope shes not like starving her self and stufff hahaha
she's so thinnnn!!!!... I can see Genie in a bottle again!