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So I think I've made it pretty clear since I've been a member of vingle that my ultimate bias is jin. but for months now a wrecker has been plotting to overthrow our pink princess as hard as I tried to fight it and stay loyal. then, seeing him in person at kcon ny only made the invasion that much worse! I never thought it happen but my ultimate bias has been slaughtered.....and who is it taking his place?
drum roll please.......... introducing my new ultimate......... ....... .. .
the one and only jung hoseok.....hobie!!!! don't get me wrong. I will always have a soft spot for jin and support him 2x as much as the rest of the boys because I think he deserves it but hobies smile and goofball, happy go lucky attitude have stolen my heart...even though I did not get a hi touch for bts at kcon ny, just watching him brighten up the room and stage in person sealed the deal