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★TOP Community 2nd Event★ ▶Day 1. TOP "Most Obsessed Body parts" (Title: Toxic TOP)
I love every "part" of his "BODY"!!!!
Just so "Perfect" !!!
His Eyes!!! killer Eyes!!!
His Jawline!!!
His Hair!!!
His Forehead!!!
His....... heheheee... Collarbone!!! and (*cough*)..nice chocolate...."package" come with it.
His long leg!!
His "Booty"!!!!
My most obsessed is His Ankle!!!!!
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I just died, to much to handle at one time.
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I need to take another shower!!! must. cool. down.. JI SHUS IM HAWWWTTTT
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... you are not kidding EVERY part of him - his ankle? That's what I call true love! 💕😊
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@JamiMilsap....True Love....there is more "parts" to it....but it won't fit in one card!!
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