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Hello! I'm back with another one shot! This one has Choi Hansol or Vernon of Seventeen. Please read it carefully as it has a lot of mature content. Reader discretion is advised.
ReaderxVernon Smut Freaky Kinky Nasty graphic scenes Scroll down at your own risk
You were working on a project that your college professor assigned to you. Your friend Hansol decided to visit you and sat next to you on the couch. As you were writing down notes, you had to organize your supplies, but when you accidentally drop your pencil onto the floor, Hansol picks it up for you but he holds it out of your reach. Annoyed, you try to grab it but you couldn't and you gave up. "Give me my pencil, Vernon!" You said. "Not unless you kiss me!" Replied Hansol. "That's rediculous!" You said. You try to reach for your pencil again but Hansol would not let you have it. "Kiss me!" Vernon said. You were so annoyed that you had to calm down, then you thought of something. "I think I know something better." You said looking at him in a devious way. Vernon was clueless by what you said he replied with a "what?". You stand up and walk to your bedroom. "Come with me." You said to him as he followed you to your bed room. As you were walking, you grab his hand from behind and you pull him closer to you. Once you got to your bedroom, you closed and locked the door and you slammed Hansol on the door as you kiss his lips and rub him oh so seductively. You then pulled him towards your bed and you jumped into his arms which made him carry you for a moment. Then he fell on your bed and he laid you down still kissing you as you lift your covers and hid the both of you under as you try to strip both yourself and Hansol. You then turned him over and you started grinding on top his pelvis like you owned him. He was satisfied as he turned you over and you grabbed his back pulling him closer to you and kissing him oh so passionately. You turned him over again and you landed hard on his pelvic bone and moved yourself until you had him inside of you. You kept grinding your hips on his and he slipped his dick up your hole which is exactly what you were hoping would happen during this intercourse session. You then started kissing his neck and wrapped your legs around his back, then he turned you over again doing the same thing with his legs and you groped his butt and squeezed it so much that you were returning the pain he gave you when he slipped his dick inside of your hole. He returned the action and you fell to the sides and were making out, his lips over yours just how you liked it. You were in this position until you both just could not endure the pain anymore and you both let go of each other and caught your breaths. You pushed the covers down to only your head and you looked at Vernon all sweaty and worn out as he was in the same condition as you. "So, will you give me back my pencil?" You asked again. "Yes." He replied. "Will you help me with my project as well? Because it's really hard for me to do it myself and I need your hand with it." You ask Vernon again. "I would love to help you with your project on one condition." He replied. "What is it?" You ask out of annoyance. "I lick you clean." He replied with a seductive smile on his face. You roll your eyes at him and reply with an "ugh!". "Fine, but were going back to the couch okay?" You said. "Okay!" He replied all cheerful and happy! You both get off the bed and head back to the couch. Once you got there, you sat down on the left side at the edge of the couch ready to hold his head as Hansol sat down on the floor below you and started to lick your buns. You held his head on the back of his neck and wrapped your legs around his back as he kept on licking your buns while you were leaking like crazy. You moaned and groaned in silence as he poked his tongue up your hole and started massaging you so rediculously, it felt so good, you didn't want him to stop so you kept on leaking for him. Hansol devowered you as if you tasted like hot fudge in a sundae. He could not take his tongue out of your hole but you didn't care because you didn't want him to. His tongue felt like jets in the bathtub when you move yourself to where your buns were being massaged by the jets. You weren't able to get enough of it and neither was he. He could not stop massaging you, it's like there is never ending hot fudge just for him and no one else. You stayed like this all day and you both forgot about everything else but what mattered most to the both of you. Once you saw that it was getting dark outside, you stood up and put your hands to the side which made Vernon fall and look at you deep in your eyes. "What's up girl?" He asked. "I have to work on this project!" You replied. "Oh yeah that's right!" Vernon said. "Let's get to it shall we?" He said. "We shall." You replied. You started working on the project and he started helping you only to realize that you were both naked. "Oh crap! Our clothes!" You both said at the same time. You ran to your room and grabbed a soft red throw blanket and wrapped it all around you. He found a small red pillow and covered his dick. You saw another one and threw it to him and he covered his butt. You both walked back to the couch and got to work on the project. You two worked all night until the project was complete. "OMG! We're done!" You said. You were shocked out of amazement and satisfied with your work. "Oh yeah!" He said casually. "I need you to present it with me when I turn it in next week." You said. "All right. But you need to lick me clean before we present it." He said. "Fine! I'll do it the day before it's due, all right?" You said. "Perfect!" He replied. You both walked to your room. You put your pjs on and he put his clothes back on. He then grabbed his keys and wallet and walked back to his car. You followed him until he got in his car. "I'll see you next week, Vernon!" You said. "You too baby." He replied as he started his car, put it in drive and went home. You waved at him until he was out of your sight. You then walked back inside and went to bed.
I hope you enjoyed it! Please suggest another idol and I will work on it! Also if you live in the Dallas area and are planning on buying a ticket and going to the SHINee fan meet, I need a ride! Please let me know if you are going because my mom really wants me to find friends here to go to the concert with because she doesn't want me to drive to the venue myself. So if you are able to give me a ride, please let me know! Thanks in advance! Tagging the friend list! Please let me know if you want to be added or removed! Vingle friend list @PolarStarr @ChelseaGarcia @PassTheSuga @AimeeH @LocoforJiYong @ChelseaAustin @SerenityThao @CrookedShadow @JohnEvans @AaliyahNewbell @poojas @solodaywithB1A4 @Vay754 @lovetop @VixenViVi @EmilyPeacock @SuperJuniorelf @AmberRelynn @JennieThor @SarangRavi @VeronicaArtino @Allyson3333 @Baekyeol27 @PrettieeEmm @AubriePope @Sammiee99522 @JiyongLeo @KaylinJones @PrincessUnicorn @Stephanie123 @Helixx @luna1171 @CurrySoop @SusiBosshammer @SabrinaSakura @CeilidhHoadley @KpopisLife16 @StephersTaylor @KwonOfAKind @CreeTheOtaku @annabelleimiri @MrsJungHoseok @HaruBaozi @MYNAMEKYong @KpopGaby @IsoldaPazo @mitchix5 @dayashley11 @awkwardjazzy @Kpossible4250 @Gamerkyumin @KaeliShearer
Tbh idk why but I kept laughing while I was reading ...I'm probably just childish but I'm amazed 😳
Thank you for your suggestion! I will mos definitely write one for both J-Hope and Namjoon! I'm also writing a second part to this one! Just stay tuned!
Oh ok lol
It's okay! It's totally fine! I really don't mind if you were laughing! Vernon is actually really funny if you think about it!
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