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Okay Yes I know~ They're too old for prom but doesn't mean they wouldn't be the life of the party ;) So I thought of a few scenarios to share! Enjoy :D
G-Dragon~ He would grab your hand and walk with you as he looks into your eyes and smiles, "We're going to have fun tonight," He giggles. "I'll make sure of that", He pauses, "Don't worry this will be a night you'll never forget."
T.O.P.~ He would look at you as he fixed his bow tie, "How do I look?" You tell him he looks fine and he answers back, "Ah, You sure? I don't want your peers to look at me funny. Let alone me being weird."
Taeyang~ He dances with you and later, Starts to have a dance battle with a few of the other guys. You cheer him on and when it was over, He approaches you, Catching his breath, "Did you like that?" He smiles and takes your hand to dance with you again.
Daesung~ He would slow dance with you and sing along to the song the DJ is currently playing. You lean your head against his chest while he serenades. He stopped singing and smiled thinking tonight's the best night he's had with you.
Seungri~ He would follow you as you talk to your classmates, "Hi!" He waves, acting like a sweet innocent boy. "I'm Seungri!" He continues to smile at everyone. "I'm her date!" He points to you and moves on to your next classmate, "Hi! I'm Seungri! Nice to meet you! I'm her date." As he would point at you again. Basically bragging to everyone how he is your date.
Were these accurate? Do you have a favorite? GEMINI SQUAD: @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t @KatiePrihodiko @Anna5221
Seungri is the most cutest little turd ever xD
Seungri's is so accurate and him being my UB I'd love that so much
My Daesung I'd love to have gone to the prom with him. Too bad he wasn't born yet when I went.
awww my Daesung xD such a cutieeeeeee
GD might be my bias....but Seungri's was way to adorable ❤❤ "Hi im Seungri"😍😍 so cute
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