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Of course it's just a mini episode but it's funny and just makes u realize that Gran Tesoro is so close NAKAMA!! Almost there!! @KurosakiJess @ChrisStephens @HunnaBallue @DevilsSon Well Crew July 23 is our official Landing on Gran Tesoro!! Let's score come MEAT!! I mean gold!! Haha One Piece is Love!! Anime is Life!!
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am counting on you
@LuffyNewman oh i love evangelion!!! ive seen them except the last one.....
and im excited for the one piece movie too, got caught up lol
*heavy breathing*
@KurosakiJess always an awesome one to rewatch!! @Majestical its def up I watched as soon as it released this morning and it aired today so they are on their game with OP!! @AdrianDean yeah def amazing cannot wait for the final one evangelion 3.0+1.0 it's supposed to be out this summer but haven't found exact release date yet. Hopefully soon!! Caught up on OP!! That's the way NAKAMA!! This film is gonna be wild like all the One Piece Film: features have been let alone all Op movies but they did amazing with strong world and film Z!! So hoping this one is even more insane!!