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It's Day ONE of the TOP Community 2nd Event.... and today's theme is : MOST OBSESSED BODY PART >>TOXIC TOP <<

So what exactly is my favorite part of TOP??

Well the be completely honest with you..... how does someone just have one favorite part about TOP...

Like look at him...


but I guess if I have to choose...

I'd pick...

his face (^__^)

but just hear me out NOT JUST ANY FACE!!

I like when he's just like..

and then he just

and when he's cute like...

if you don't think this is cute you're lying to yourself lol

Freaking adorable like I can't ❤❤

Alright fam but now if your turn ....come hang out with up in the TOP communtiy for "TOXIC TOP" Day and let's us know your obsession~~

~T.O.P COMMUNITY MASTER TAG LIST~ ■■■▶The MASTER List is supposed to be used for the Community Announcements and is strictly for ★Moderation Team Members ONLY★ @lovetop @KwonOfAKind @BBxGD @TwistedPuppy @Starbell808 @AsianLover707 If you want to be add to the master tag list, please comment on below link↧↧↧ ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆ A: B: @bettytolliver C: @CheyanneLindsey @ChristineO84 @cardboardart @ChandraTorres @cheersmacky D: @DalyRomero @desesoray @DenieceSuit @dreemer13 @DinaEXO E: @EliseB F: G: @GamerKyumin H: I: @IsoldaPazo J: @JamiMilsap @jjrockstar @jemitza @JewelsLouise1 @Justis K: @KristinaCaron @KpopQueenaBee @krin L: @lovelikematoi @lilbr0wneyes @lovelyashley91 @LateashaChantae M: @MichelleIbarra @matty0203 @MeghanJorgina N: @nmeza29 @NadiaDarlington O: P: @pandaqueenbee @petname83 @punkpandabear @pharmgirlerin Q: R: @resavalencia @raenel S: @Sailynn @sukkyongwanser @StefaniTre @SatinSkies @SandraaGrimaldo @Swhitta T: @toitlepark @TerraToyaSi U: V: @VeronicaArtino W: X: Y: @YumiMiranda @YviLole15 Z:
@KwonOfAKind....there is no "else" as Game card is "I LOVE U" my Kwonnie BaeBae!!!! ...Yes please drop at your Midnight sharp...I will be checking on you "WITH LOVE"
😍😍😍I just love everything about this man. H is such a dork at times and then he is so cute and adorable and don't even get me started on his voice💙💙
I love everything about this man he's so gorgeous omg
He has a gorgeous smile! I can look at that smile and face everyday!!!
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