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Yes I am^^b!
@saharjalpari9 no worries! i understand.@Nonabisi i hope we can all go together too.
@StephiiKins @saharjalpari9 me too am thinking about visiting Korea , hope we can all go together :)))
that's so me despite all the obstacles :))))))
@StephiiKins unnie don't worry I am american 2 and I wdnt like anybody,else,for,me 2 lols I am not like dat I will,def, pay 4 my own expenses,hehe but I need 2 save up money I will surely,do so in 2 years I want,2 thats y I am looking 4 a good job and wilk save,up some money after I do plan 2 visit korea but,who knws what will happen in 2 years we always mk planz but u,knw life always has his,own plans 4 us I am sure, u knw what I mean I,will try my best in 2 years or even bfr dat,2 go but, if I can't mk it,I,still wish u best,of luck and,I will def, visit korea one,day inshaallah :-)
@saharjalpari9 well that's my paln!!! and like i said as long as you can pay your own way you are more than welcome to come. i think that once the time comes, we should all meet somewhere so we can all go together!!!
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