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I just came across this fun website where it shows the different shapes your lipstick bullet ends up in after using & predicts what that might mean about you!

Slanted, close to original shape

- Abides by the rules
- Great follower
- Doesn’t like too much attention
- A little self-conscious, reserved
- Schedule driven
- May occasionally want to attract attention: dye hair, new outfits.

Rounded tip to a point

- Loveable
- Family oriented, domestic
- A “doer”
- Stubborn over little things
- Exaggerates
- Needs people around

Rounded smooth tip

- Easy-going
- Peacemaker
- Even tempered
- Steady
- Likeable
- Generous

Flat top

- To the point
- High morals
- Very dependable
- Quick minded
- Loves challenges
- Careful about appearances

Sharp, angled tip

- Opinionated
- High-spirited
- Dislikes schedules
- Selective of friends
- Outgoing likes attention
- Argumentive

Flat top concave

- A great detective
- Make friends easily
- Inquisitive
- Adventurous
- Complex
- Exciting

Sharp angled box curved tip

- Creative
- Enthusiastic, energetic
- Talkative
- Loves attention
- Falls in love easily
- Helpful

Sharp angles both sides

- Spiritual
- Curious
- Seeks attention
- Mysterious
- Loves life
- Big ego

Which one are you?

I'm the sharp angled, but curved tip!!! It totally fits me, too!
Tagging some beauty friends!!
I am Sharp angles but curved tip. I wouldn't say I like attention but the rest fits me perfectly
@MyAffairWith similar to me then :)
@hikaymm two of a kind ☺️
I always have the habit of trying to keep the lipstick shape in its original condition. I guess the description is somewhat accurate!
sharp-angled, curved tip....BUT when I notice that it starts taking this shape I will then begin to apply it by using just the tip in an effort to even it out lol. Yes ladies, I'm a weirdo 🙃