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You know how there's those boxes where you can a "surprise" box that will be mailed to you monthly? They're usually themed. There's ones for makeup, for men's shaving supplies, etc. And apparently...there are some for books!

Do you guys think book boxes could be cool?

I'm thinking about researching them some more & giving one of them a try! Let me know if you want me to share my findings with you and I will!
I've never tried them myself but the idea is so interesting! I think it would really depend on the type of reader you are if they are worth it for you or not. Personally, I'm not very picky about what I read, and even if I dislike a story I still really enjoy the actual act of reading, so I don't mind in the end!!
Let me know if you've tried these!!!!
@EasternShell I had a similar reaction to that book, actually. I also usually only buy books if they're in a series/world I like (so I can have the whole thing on hand) or if its my favorite author. Otherwise, I actually stick to the library -- taking out books & ebooks!
@timeturnerjones I'm getting really selective about my book collection because I have limited space. I tend to buy the books of my favorite authors because I don't want to waste money. It's not always a foolproof plan. I liked A Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska. But, John Green's other book An Abundance of Katherines bored me to tears. I was so excited when I finally bought it and I donated it when I was done.
@EasternShell I also think I prefer the select myself style, but it's worth looking into more, I think!
@Spudsomma I know!! Thankfully, I can't choose which one I'd even want to try. So, maybe I'll have to hold off for a bit :)
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