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Ch. 10
On the drive home Seyoung was holding onto Yongseok’s hand rubbing the top of his hand in circular motions with his thumb. They finally reach Shin and Yongseok’s house. Seyoung helps Shin carry Yongseok to the door. Seyoung hoped that Yongseok remembers what he said, and will prove to him that he likes him even if it’s just a little, Seyoung is fine with that.
“Sorry to cut this night short Seyoung. I don’t know why Yongseok drank so much.” Shin said before entering his house. Seyoung shakes his head.
“No it’s okay it was fun, I miss going clubbing with you, next time lets invite all the guys okay.” Seyoung said with a smile. Shin nodded his head.
“Oh one question. Shin, would you mind if I asked your brother out for a date just me and him?” Shin smiled and nodded his head.
“Bro, wasn’t this your first date with him?” Shin asked with a wink. “Look I don’t mind if he doesn’t. I know if you did date you guys would be happy together and you would treat him well.” Shin admitted. Seyoung had a smile on his face.
“Thanks bro, I’m so glad you don’t have a problem with it.” Seyoung admits. Shin shakes his head.
“No problem, I know you’ve had a crush on him for a long time and I know that you guys kissed. But I wasn’t going to say anything until one of you said something to me. I’m glad you finally said something.” Shin said. And with that Seyoung turned around and walked back to his car to head home.
Shin gets Yongseok to his room, and lays him on his bed. “Boy your heavy.” Shin said as he huffed and puffed while sitting on the edge of Yongseok’s bed.
“Seyoung, kiss me.” Yongseok said in his sleep. Shin pushed back Yongseok’s hair and smiled.
“You’ll get to feel those lips soon enough bro. I’m glad you finally found someone you like.” Shin said and then he left to go to his room.
Shin showered and plopped himself on his bed. He was actually tired, so tired he forgot to check his phone for any messages until his phone lit up.
“Hey Shin? You there? Where are you?” Takuya texted him. Shin then looked through all of the texts to find that Takuya got away from his mother and Miss. Kim and came out to a club to find him. Shin shot up from his bed.
“Shit.” Shin said as he pressed the call button to call Takuya.
“Hello?” Takuya answers.
“What club are you at?” Shin asks as he quickly gets dressed and heads out of the house. Takuya tells him which club he’s at.
“Club Arena.” Takuya replies.
“I’ll be there soon.” Shin said. Takuya doesn’t end the call just yet, and he heard someone next to Takuya.
“Hey there handsome. You wanna head back to my place?” Shin stopped for a minute to listen.
“My boyfriend walking this way, and he’s the jealous type so you might wanna find someone else to hit on.” Takuya replied. Shin smiled and hailed a taxi, giving the club address to the driver.
Shin eventually reached the club and ran in, he looked for Takuya and he thought he saw him standing at the bar talking to someone, but when that person turned around it wasn’t him.
“Damn it, this is just like when we first met. But where is he?” Shin said. Shin turns around hoping it would be like last time and Takuya would show up behind him but that wasn’t the case either. Shin looked all over the club and couldn’t find Takuya. So he called him.
“Shin!” Takuya moves to a quite area.
“Hey I’m here in the club where are you?” Shin asks as he continues to walk through the crowd, he turns his head and he spots Takuya, he ends the call.
“Shin! Shin!” Takuya shouts into the phone, he pulls it away from his ear to see the call was ended. “What the hell.” Takuya is about to call Shin back when someone comes up behind him and whispers in his ear.
“Hey baby, let’s get out of here and go back to my place.” Shin said with a smile. Takuya turns around and is about to put the guy in his place when his eyes get wide and see’s it’s Shin.
“Do you have any idea how close you were to being hit?” Takuya said. Shin shrugged his shoulders and kisses Takuya, and with that kiss Takuya forgets his annoyance and melts into Shin’s kiss.
They leave the club and find a place to get some food.
“How was your night?” Takuya asked Shin.
“I think Yongseok and Seyoung will be dating before this week is over.” Shin admits. Takuya didn’t seem surprised.
“That’s good, Yongseok needs to accept his feelings for Seyoung.” Takuya said. Shin agreed.
“How was your night with your mother and Miss. Kim? I still can’t get over how she’s your Korean friend from Japan.” Shin said.
“It was fine for the most part, boring being the only guy there and they wouldn’t stop talking about the past. My mother admitted how she loved Miss. Kim and wanted us to get married at one point.” Takuya said. Shin’s head shot up.
“What! I thought your mom knew your gay?” Shin asked.
“This was before I told her, actually Miss. Kim told her not me.” Takuya said. The boys were too involved in their conversation to pay attention to the person who was watching them.
“Excuse me, but I was wondering if the two of you were interested in modeling or the entertainment business?” A man in a suit walks over to them and sits down. Both boys are surprised by this.
“What?” Shin and Takuya ask with a chuckle. The man hands the boys his business card. The boys look it over. They listen to the man’s pitch, not taking it seriously.
“Okay well, we’ll think about it.” Shin said as he stood up and Takuya leave. After walking out they couldn’t help but laugh.
“Seriously, that was funny. Like I’m sure he’s a real scout or something.” Shin said as he placed the card in his back pocket. Takuya notices and smiles.
“Your keeping his card though so maybe you’re thinking about it.” Takuya said. Shin just shrugs his shoulders.
"Wouldn't be cool to be idols?" Shin asked, Takuya just shook his head.