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Ch. 11
Yongseok sits up in his bed, his head throbbing in pain. A flashback hits him.
“I love you, I won’t forget, I’ll prove it to you.”
In the car as Seyoung is rubbing his hand, he was squinting but he was looking up at Seyoung.
*End Flashback*
Yongseok gets up from his bed and walks down the stairs as Shin is just walking through the door.
“Good morning princess. How’d you sleep?” Shin asks Yongseok looks at hi with half open eyes.
“That good huh.” Shin says with a chuckle. Yongseok grabs a cup and fills it with water.
“Where’s Seyoung?” Yongseok asks as he places the cup on his lips.
“He’s at home I think.” Shin replied.
“Do you have his number?” Yongseok asks after downing the water in one shot.
“Sure.” Shin said as he pulls out his phone finds Seyoung’s number and starts texting Yongseok. “Just sent you a text with his number.” Shin continued as he placed a piece of toast in his mouth.
“Do you need aspirin?” Shin asks. Yongseok shook his head and heads back to his room to get his phone.
Once in his room he grabs his phone and he received the text from Shin. Yongseok takes a deep breath before he inputs the number to call Seyoung and hit the send call button.
After a couple of rings Seyoung picks up.
“Hello.” Yongseok says as he clears his throat.
“How are you feeling? Any better?” Seyoung asks.
“Yeah I’m fine. Thanks. And I remember what I said last night.” Yongseok said.
“You do? That’s good to hear.” Seyoung replies.
“Yeah, and to clear things up, I know I like you a lot, and when I’m around you I want to kiss you. My heart speeds up and I’m all nervous.” Yongseok explains his feelings to Seyoung.
“Would you have dinner with me?” Yongseok asks.
“Sure, you wanna meet up tomorrow and we can talk more then, okay.” Seyoung said.
They end the call and Yongseok suddenly feels a lot better like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.
The next day at school Yongseok eats lunch with the boys, Casper, Shin, Takuya, Sangmin, and Seyoung. Yongseok keeps stealing glances at Seyoung and smiling. At one point Seyoung catches Yongseok who plays it off as smiling at something Shin said.
After lunch, Sangmin and Yongseok are walking back to class.
“So, what has you all happy and giddy?” Sangmin pokes Yongseok in the side making him chuckle.
“I’m having dinner with Seyoung tonight. I’m going to ask him to date me.” Yongseok was straight to the point. Sangmin looks at him with a smile and pats his back.
“Good for you man, about time. Maybe I can stop hearing Seyoung pining for you.” Sangmin said.
“Wait what?” Yongseok asks. Sangmin covers his mouth.
“Oops. Oh well, it’s no secret between our group we all know Seyoung’s in love with you.” Sangmin explained.
“I thought that was just a joke?” Yongseok said.
“Nope, he’s been waiting for you to have feelings for him, I’m glad it’s working out for him.” Sangmin said.
“How long?” Yongseok asks. Sangmin thinks for a moment.
“Since he first saw you. He was actually in love with someone else, but they turned him down, he realized what real love was when he fell for you though. At first it was a crush, but you kept helping him and he developed strong feelings for you.” Sangmin continues.
“I met him three years ago after moving in with my brother. Who turned him down?” Yongseok asks.
“Shin.” Sangmin said. Yongseok looks surprised.
“What! He was in love with Shin!” Yongseok asks surprised. Sangmin nods his head.
“They grew up together, and you could say Shin was Seyoung’s first love, but Seyoung wasn’t Shin’s first love.” Sangmin added.
“That’s why he was constantly at the house when we first met. I thought they were really close friends.” Yongseok said.
“They are close, but Shin’s first love is Takuya. I’ve never seen him act the way he does with anyone else.” Sangmin said.
Once back in class, Yongseok was day dreaming about the past and present. He is brought out of his dreaming when he feels his phone vibrate.
Yongseok takes out his phone and opens the message.
“Hey it’s me Seyoung. I’m looking forward to our dinner tonight. Do you want me to pick you up or meet at the bar? End text.
“I can meet you there give me the directions.” Yongseok replies back.
After school Yongseok walks home with Shin and Takuya.
“So I have dinner with Seyoung tonight.” Yongseok blurts out. Shin and Takuya look at each other and smile before congratulating Yongseok.
“That’s great man, he’s been wanting for this moment.” Shin said.
“Good luck man.” Takuya said and gave a thumbs up.
Yongseok gets home runs to take a shower, puts on black jeans with holes in the knees, white t-shirt, black Jordan sneakers, with a jean jacket over the shirt.
Shin and Takuya are sitting on the couch watching a movie when Yongseok comes down. Shin hears him and gets up.
“Okay let me check ya out.” Shin said with a smile. “Looking sexy their kid.” Takuya nods his head in agreement with Shin and gives a thumbs up.
“Thanks. I’m nervous as hell.” Yongseok admits. Shin shakes his head.
“You have nothing to be nervous about, he’s in love with you has been for ever so just relax and listen to your heart.” Shin said as he patted Yongseok’s back. Yongseok nods and waves at Takuya.
“Later.” Yongseok said as he headed for the door.
Yongseok hails a taxi and gives the address to the driver, it didn’t take long to get there and before he knew it he had to get out of the car. Yongseok takes a deep breath, pays the driver and gets out of the car.
As Yongseok walks into the bar he sees Seyoung talking to the bar tender. He’s laughing and smiling so easily with him, they must be friends. Yongseok thought.
Seyoung sees Yongseok walking towards him, he smiles and waves.
“Glad you made it.” Seyoung said.
“Yeah, I made it.” Yongseok replies quietly, still nervous.
“Let’s go sit down I’ve already ordered some food and drinks.” Seyoung stated. Yongseok nods his head and follows Seyoung to a cozy table in the back.
“So you think or you know you like me?” Seyoung asks. Yongseok looks at Seyoung, looking into his eyes, he felt his heart race and this urge to kiss him and hold him close.
“I know I like you, I have feelings for you.” Yongseok replied after a moment to collect his thoughts. Seeing Seyoung did have an effect on him where he would go blank and couldn’t remember what he was supposed to do or say.
“I’m glad you like me.” Seyoung said with a smile. They enjoy their dinner and talk about their dreams and hopes.
“Let’s go to the karaoke bar, I want to hear you sing.” Seyoung said. Yongseok smiled shyly and nodded his head.
“Okay.” Yongseok replies.
The boys leave and head for the karaoke bar, once they arrive and pick their songs Yongseok sings first.
Seyoung’s POV
Yongseok has a beautiful voice, I honestly think I can’t find anything I don’t love about him. After he finishes his song I start mine.
“Hey sing with me, mine is a duet.” I ask Yongseok, he nods his head and stands next to me.
Our voices mix well together, we are having so much fun we continue taking turns singing the popular songs and dancing.
At that moment the man who ran into Takuya and Shin was listening through the door and he liked what he heard.
Yongseok and I finished and headed out, once I opened the door we were bombarded by a man.
“Hi, I couldn’t help but hear you guys singing as I was passing by. You guys are amazing and have some good talent.” The man says as he hands them a business card. “Have you guys ever thought of being idols?” The man continues. Seyoung and Yongseok chuckle and look at each other and then back at the man.
“Um, not really gave it much thought.” I said.
“Yeah, never thought about it.” Yongseok replied after Seyoung.
“Would you listen to me for a few minutes? We can grab a cup of tea or coffee?” The man asked.
“Sure.” Yongseok said. I was hesitant, but agreed anyway because I didn’t want to leave Yongseok.
We go to a nearby coffee shop and after getting our drinks. The man throws his pitch to us. Yongseok is taking it all in like a sponge. But my instincts are kicking in. After the man finishes, we say our goodbyes to him and leave the shop.
“Wow, wouldn’t that be cool Seyoung being idols! Think of all the attention we could get.” Yongseok was dreaming. I shook my head, remembering that he is younger than me.
“So you enjoy girls chasing you, didn’t you say before that it annoys you?” I ask Yongseok. His face shows the deer in the headlight look.
“Oh I did.” Yongseok rubs the back of his neck. I just laugh at him.
“Let me take you home.” I said as we start to walk back to my car. It was a silent drive; I saw out of the corner of my eye Yongseok was looking at the man’s business card again. I had a strong feeling that he really wanted to do this. “Would I do it with him? Would I follow him? Why would I be asking these questions since I know the answer is yes. I hate that I love him so much.”
We finally reach his house. “Well home sweet home.” I said before turning off the engine and looking over at Yongseok.
“Seyoung, can I kiss you?” Yongseok asks as he turns his head to face me. My face shows surprise.
“Sure.” I say with a nod. Yongseok moves closer to me, he grabs my neck pulling my face to his. Yongseok isn’t nervous at all he’s showing an aggressive side, his kiss is passionate and heated with wanting. I didn’t want him to stop, but I push him away anyway.
“What?” Yongseok asks as he sits back in his seat. I take a deep breath.
“What do you mean what? What’s with that hot kiss?” I ask him.
“I, well I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed tonight and to let you know your mine.” Yongseok stated. I couldn’t help but smile at Yongseok’s words “your mine” I felt like a giddy school girl.
“Why wouldn’t I have known that?” I ask curious as to where this came from.
“You asked me about the girls if we became idols. If I would enjoy girls chasing after me because I was an idol.” Yongseok explains. I nod my head remembering my question. “I could have thousands of girls chase me, but there would only be one person who has my heart and that’s you.” Yongseok continued. My eyes began to fill with tears at his confession of love for me.
“So it’s official then? You love me and want to be in a relationship with me?” I ask just for clarification. Yongseok smiles at me and nods his head.
“Yes.” Yongseok replies.
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