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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Mature content / College AU Chapter 3 Story: One night and one big mistake led you to becoming a plaything to your best friend's brother. It seems like you can't do anything without Junmyeon hanging that night over your shoulder. What a jerk right, then how did you get addicted?
Junmyeon's POV Y/N was never his type of girl but for some reason he always liked her. She was only three years younger than him and she was close with his younger brother. Junmyeon didn't have a good reputation with women, not even his own mother. He was a rude and disobedient child and the more he disobeyed the more she adored Kyungsoo because he listened. She had played favorites but of course she would love her legitimate son more than him. She was married to his father and they loved each other dearly, he hated them both equally. Kyungsoo put really effort into trying to connect with him. Somewhere along the way he gave into being a big brother but he still gave Kyungsoo hell sometimes for being such a good kid and above all being so close to her. Y/N was a tomboy by its very definition. Originally he didn't like her, she had attitude and she didn't wear anything cute like other girls he was into did. The more she grew up the more he noticed her. Her tomboy style never changed but he watched as she'd submit to Kyungsoo quite easily when he got upset with her. In highschool, Kyungsoo had scolded Y/N for not stopping some guy from feeling her up in the hallway. She looked like she wanted to explain she didn't stop him because she didn't want him to stop but the more he scolded her like she was an eight year old child the more her face contorted into a pout. Her head lowered in a bow, her bottom lip poked out, her eyes looking away from him. He had watched it all happen and couldn't help but find that face cute. Almost a week after that, he found himself hitting on her but she dismissed his advances so he insulted her the best way he knew how. He didn't realize that Kyungsoo had over heard the insult and he came over to defend her. He held her and told him to be nicer to her, just because she wasn't like everyone else didn't mean she wouldn't make someone happy. He politely scolded him, telling him that he was older and he should behave properly in front of girls. He hated that they were close and he didn't know why. Y/N had known Kyungsoo first and she had only known him. She spent the night over the house and slept in his room while their mother made him share a room with Junmyeon. She graduated with him despite being a year younger than him. She went to the same college as him, hell she had a key to his place and vice versa. Both of them free to walk into each others houses without warning. They behaved like brother and sister. He hated that she was able to get close to him, their mother pushed him into her anyway. She was probably trying to bring up her daughter-in-law but she never showed that she loved Kyungsoo. She flirted some but it was innocent unconscious flirting, nothing too obvious. Her love was more like a family love. She never liked disappointing him or making him angry which was why using the first night he'd ever given her pleasure was perfect blackmail. Since Junmyeon had seen her pouting face he had wanted her. He could only imagine how her lips might taste, and what her voice might sound like when he made love to her. However, she hated him because he was a huge flirt, he slept with many different women without a care of how they might feel and above all he had spent years teasing her. In all honesty, the tomboy style had grown on him, her attitude towards him had grown on him too and he loved being able to take advantage of his ability to make her do anything he wanted. Seeing her in that sexy pink dress and her sulking at the door had made him attack her ferociously, he couldn't help but want her. He left her alone for a week before he finally couldn't handle not having her anymore. For four months, he had her bending to his will; he thought if he gave her sometime to herself she'd come after him needing him but she still resisted him. That both annoyed and made him want her more. Those few weeks without her had frustrated him though, and he couldn't hold back once he had her in his arms. He loved the sound of her screaming his name throughout the house, she sounded like she needed him, like she wanted him, like she craved him. He felt like hell after he made her cry the next day. He wasn't even sure why she was crying at first; he thought he hurt her when he was inside her. He couldn't hold back even as he had talked to Kyungsoo through the door. It suddenly dawned on him that she was probably ashamed to have done that with him right behind the door. He tried to call her and text her but she wouldn't pick up, she had left in such a hurry she left her phone in his room. So he'd played it off when Kyungsoo couldn't get a hold of her. He presented the cellphone like he'd just found it in the couch and lied saying she must've left it when she came over last night. He pissed her off and she stormed out, Kyungsoo was suspicious at first, wondering why she came over when she knew he wasn't going to be home but he shrugged it off assuming she forgot. He was able to convince him to let him tag along so he could see her again. She probably hated him more; Kyungsoo got worried when half an hour had past and she hadn't shown up. Her two friends had offered to go and check her house and Kyungsoo almost volunteered to go along before his girlfriend showed up. When they finally returned, she immediately looked nervous and uncomfortable like she couldn't stand to look at him but as always Kyungsoo scolded her like a mother and she had to listen to him. He apologized to her, trying to sound as sincere as possible but she had only nodded and ignored him the rest of the time there. For the next few weeks since that day, he hadn't called or texted her. He felt slightly ashamed of himself but be wanted her; he just didn't have the nerve to call her up. It wasn't until he saw her walk in with her friend, Tao, in the same diner he was having lunch in with his friends that he started to lose his cool. They walked in with their pinkies locked as if they were children showing the entire world they made a promise to each other. She sat far away from them but he could see her clearly. Tao and her talked and laughed but it seemed to get serious at one point before Tao leaned into kiss her. "Son of a bitch." he grumbled lowly as he watched her and his lips connect. Y/N's POV It had been a few weeks since you last heard from Junmyeon and at first you were relieved he left you alone but after a few days went by you started getting frustrated. He'd done that before, he took a break before he called you up to have sex and it annoyed you. The reason why: your body went through withdrawls. As much as you hated to admit it, you needed him or rather you needed to have sex. You spent the past week twice as sensitive than before and after Sehun accidentally brushed your chest when he was lifting his hand you forbade everyone, including Kyungsoo, from touching you. Every thing was turning you on, you were just frisky and it had been because you were used to Junmyeon using you for the past four months. He was like a drug you tried once and got addicted to. You decided to take a walk to clear your head from any dirty thoughts. You turned to lock the door sighing at yourself for falling into such a trap. You heard footsteps coming from behind you and you turned to see Tao coming up the steps. "Y/N." "Tao, what are you doing here?" you asked curiously. "Well, um to be honest I came to see if you were okay." "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" You said walking past him and descending the steps to your apartment. "Well me and the guys agreed that you were acting kind of weird lately, that and you're wearing a dress. Are you meeting Kyungsoo's mother?" You looked down at yourself, yeah you had worn a dress, all your clothes were being washed and you didn't have anything else but the three little dresses hanging in your closet and the skirt Mrs.Do bought you. That skirt reminded you too much of how you got into this situation so you didn't wear it. The dress was less uncomfortable than your constant need to be touched so you didn't really care. "No all my laundry is being washed, usually I'd just stay in the house in my pajamas but I really needed to get out." "Well are you hungry we can go to the diner to eat, I'll pay." You looked up at him giving him a small suspicious smile. True you had kind of forgiven him for breaking up with you but you still weren't buddy buddy with him. The one day you had put up with his existence and made him sit next to you so you could avoid Kyungsoo's wrath and Junmyeon's gaze was a one time occurrence. You had done nothing else to encourage this behavior. "Are you asking me out again?" you said. "I miss you Y/N, we're at the very least still friends right?" "I haven't decided, I'm still a little annoyed with how you broke up with me. However, I would be insane to turn down free food." He knew you enough to know you were accepting his offer but it wasn't a date. He walked next to you towering beside you with his height. You liked that about him, tall guys were hot. His hand brushed up against yours while you were walking and your eyes widened maybe because you hadn't immediately pulled away from him he wrapped his hand around yours. You looked up at him, your face heating up. You pulled away, "No holding hands." you said. "Is your no touching rule still in effect?" "I'm your EX, it's improper to hold hands." you said with a smirk. You couldn't help but feel like you owed him a little something for checking up on you and taking you out to eat. You wrapped your pinky around his and walked with him .You two talked to each other, he made you laugh like he used to because of his nervous behavior. "You're still not great with showing how you feel Zitao." you said chuckling as you two walked into the diner and were sat down by a waiter. "I can't help it, I think that's why I was so terrible at breaking up with you." "By the way why did you break up with me huh? Your peek-a-boo doll even pissed off Lu Han, she must've been a real clingy chick." You laughed. He nodded, "Honestly she was exhausting, it was like having an over active puppy; she just constantly needed attention." "Yeah well you got what you wanted right, you finally dated a girl." You said smirking. "What does that make you?" He said. You leaned forward on the table and smiled, looking him deep in the eyes. "I don't know what does that make me?" He leaned against the table on his side, your faces close now and eyes locked, you both started to look a little more serious now. "You were Y/N." he said. "Hm. You're not gonna tell me why you broke up with me are you?" "No." His hand cupped your cheek and he kissed you, slowly and in the same amazing way he used to. You pulled away feeling your body wanting him. You swallowed, looking away from him trying not to blush, "Damn it, you shouldn't have done that." "Sorry, I just like your lips." Fuck, he knew what to say to drive your senses. You were highly sensitive to words and without having been touched in a while every little thing was making your stomach coil in desire. The waiter had come and gone with your lunch orders and you two started to dig in, talking between bites of food. As he took a drink from his cup, something seemed to catch his eye and he pointed to the side. "What?" you asked. "Isn't that Kyungsoo's brother?" he said. You turned to see Junmyeon looking at you and there he was with annoyance in his eyes. Shit!!! You turned back around to Tao, "Well my appetite is gone." you said. He chuckled, "You really hate him don't you?" "He's an asshole, guys like him piss me off. I'm honestly ready to leave." Tao nodded to you, he flagged down the waiter for the check as you noticed your phone buzz. The name for the text popping up on the screen. Satan #2 you had a little devil sticker by it. You didn't answer even though the risk behind it. Your phone continued to go off but you ignored it. You turned down the volume and took it off vibrate. Tao paid the check and then you two left, you were practically running out of the diner. Tao followed behind you, "In a rush to get out of that dress?" he asked. "Something like that, look Tao thanks for the lunch but I think it's best that we split up for now." "Are you okay?" He asked confused. "I'm fine I just need to be alone right now. I'll hang out with you and the guys tomorrow after classes." "Okay, should I at least walk you home.? That's the proper thing to do, plus Kyungsoo would kill me if he found out I didn't." You sighed, that was true. Kyungsoo would tell him it wasn't ungentlemanly and wring him out. You waved him on to follow you and he walked behind you with his hands in his pockets. You were grateful he didn't try and hold your hand. Your body was screaming, the way Junmyeon stared at you, angry, hungry, the same look he gave you when he had you screaming his name throughout the house. Once you got back to your apartment you ran up the stairs calling out a goodbye to Tao before you unlocked the door and walked inside. Your clothes were in the washing machine they just needed to be switched to the dryer. You did that quickly hoping to get some normal human clothes on soon. You went to check the texts he sent you. Satan #2: So are you two dating? Bad idea baby girl. Did you wear that dress just for him? Don't ignore me Y/N. You're pissing me off baby girl, you should know better than to do that. I'm coming to your house, we need to talk. You were screwed but he didn't seem like he was going to say anything to Kyungsoo yet. You knew you were stupid for ignoring him. You texted back: What do you want? "Open the fucking door and find out." you heard him from outside your door. You bit your lip, he was just here to have sex though even you knew that. You took a deep breath and opened the door. Junmyeon looked at you from bottom to top. A slight smirk coming on his face. That animal like hunger in his eyes, you backed up inside the house as he entered and closed the door behind him. "So you wore that sexy little dress for him?" "No I ran out of clothes and this was all I had left." "So what I'm still pissed off that you kissed him." "What does it matter if I'm seeing someone or not?" "It matters to me baby girl because you're mine and I don't like sharing my toys." He said in a growl. His eyes staring back at you were driving you insane you just wanted him to touch you already. He was hovering his lips over yours refusing to let his meet yours as you chased them. Your heart was racing and you were frustrated. "For fucks sake." you said. You grabbed onto his shirt ripping it open. "Take your fucking shirt off." you demanded as you reached for his pants. He stopped your hands and leaned up to your face whispering, "What are you doing Y/N?" "Isn't it obvious? why don't you check the transcript, it was you who so graciously stated that I could use your body anytime I wanted. Well, I want you now, you made me wait I'm not waiting any longer. Now take. The. Damn. Shirt off." you were the one to growl this time. He was shocked by your tone but clearly amused. The anger subsiding and a smirk formed on his face. "As you wish baby girl." He pulled his arms out of the sleeves and threw the shirt on the floor. You cursed, his body was too perfect as you looked back at his defined abs. He picked you up, his lips attacked and sucked at your neck, "Junnie don't leave marks." you said. He was walking you to your bedroom when he said, "It's your punishment," he said. He finally got in the bedroom and kicked the door closed. He tossed you on the bed before he took off his pants. He looked at you with lustful eyes. "I want to punish you in that dress baby girl." "Whatever just touch me." you said impatiently. He shook his head with a smile on, "No baby girl, you're going to touch yourself and I'm going to watch." "If I wanted to be satisfied that way I would've done it myself a-" "You'll shut up and do it babe, if you still want me inside you." he said threatening. You clenched your teeth and pulled your underwear off slowly. Your fingers crawling up your dress while your other hand grabbed your breast through your bra. Your fingers rubbed at your clit, moving up a d down at a slow pace. You were embarrassed knowing he was watching you, you could feel his eyes burning holes into you. "Pull the dress up and open your legs more baby girl I can't see." he said. You reluctantly did as he said, your fingers moved more and your hips began to roll against your fingers. You let out low moans, "Junmyeon... Junnie." you called his name. "Fuck Y/N." he said roughly. "Look at me." You lifted your head to see him stroking himself to the same beat as you were touching yourself. You moaned his name more and he parroted you. You could feel yourself getting closer and your head went back. Your legs moved closer to you and you cried out his name. You felt your hand being pulled away and slammed down on the bed, "I did not tell you, you could cum." he said sternly. You whimpered, you wanted that relief so bad but you could tell he was going to take his time. He kissed you softly and then pressed his forehead up to yours. He pushed your lower body so you were twisted and you could feel his hand slowly glide up your thigh to your ass. His lips coming near your ear, "Y/N who do you belong to?" he asked seductively. "Fuck you." you said annoyed at his games. You suddenly felt his hand slap your butt leaving a stinging feeling behind. His hot breath met your ear again, "Who do you belong to baby girl?" "No one." There was another strike to your ass making you cry out. "You went out on a date with another man. You kissed him right in front of me and you wore this sexy dress for him." He slapped your ass again, "You need to be reminded of who you belong to. If you don't say what I want to hear baby girl you'll regret it. Now for the last time, baby girl who do you fucking belong to?" His hand slapped you again, "You." you said gasping. "Say my name baby girl." Your hand reached back to grab the hand that was laying on your butt. "Junnie please." He chuckled, "You've missed me haven't you?" Your hand slid back to your side too embarrassed to answer because it was true, you missed this, you missed him. He turned you over to face him. He parted your legs and put himself between you. He looked down at you biting his lip. His finger reached for your lips below feeling your wetness. You didn't hold back a moan, "Junmyeon." "You're this turned on from getting spanked? Or is it because it's been weeks since you've had me?" "Junmyeon let me take the dress off." "Call me by the right name baby girl. I'll give you whatever you want." "Junnie please, let me take the damn dress off." "You've become so obedient. Fine take the dress off, I want you to feel good." He chuckled. You sat up and pulled the dress off of you, his face coming up to meet yours afterwards. He kissed you sweetly, you had no idea his lips could give such sweet kisses. You were upset at him though, for taking his time, for making you say you belonged to him, for making you touch yourself while he was watching. He was a tease and you needed him now. Your hands came up to his shoulders and you pushed him onto the bed. You straddled him quickly even as he looked up at you in amazement. "If you wanted me this bad all you had to do was ask baby girl." he said smiling. You fixed your position until he was aligned with your entrance and began to lower onto him. His hands met your hips causing you to shiver. You began to roll your hips slowly, your head moving back, eyes closed to get lost in the pleasure. You could hear him inhale unsteadily. You began to move up and down when his grip on your hips tightened. He aided in the pleasure by thrusting up as you came down on him, reaching deeper inside you. One hand left your hip to fondle your breast. Your hand raked though your hair as moaned his name. "Junnie. Junnie. Junnie." "Yes. Fuck me baby girl. You're so good." His hand left your breast to tease your clit as you continued to ride him. You leaned over at the sensation placing your hands on his chest. You tightened around him, "I'm so close." you moaned. Junmyeon quickly flipped you on your back, he raised your hips thrusting harder and deeper inside of you. You pulled him down so he was pressed against you, chest to chest. Your arms wrapped around his neck and your hand raked in his hair as you moaned to the sound of him calling your name in your ear. His moaning was sexy and thrilling, it brought you closer to your climax, "You're my baby girl. Only mine right?" "Yes Junnie." you spoke obediently. "Only I'm allowed to touch you, Fuck you, kiss you. You're all mine I won't share you with anyone else, do you understand baby girl?" "Yes." "Then cum for me." He sat up rubbing faster at your clit causing you too tighten more around his swollen member. He was thrusting faster inside you, "Shit Y/N you're squeezing me so tight. Cum for me baby girl, say my name." Your hand grabbed his shoulder as your body tensed a bit then shook from your climax all the while you called his name. He leaned against you closing in on his, especially with the sound of his name being called. "Fuck Y/N I'm coming." he said against you. Even as he had, he continued to pump inside you, hard but uneven, riding out his release. He finally settled down and laid on top of you. Both of you panting away, he sucked lightly at your neck being sure this time to leave a slight red mark. He moved and rolled over on the bed, your eyelids were heavy and you were feeling yourself being pulled into sleep. He had your hand in his and you could feel him press light kisses on it. "Y/N." he called your name sweetly "Hm?" "There's a work event happening at my job tomorrow. I want to take you with me." "You're going to make me wear a dress again?" you asked annoyed. "No you can wear a pant suit. Does that mean you'll come?" "Yeah, whatever." You mumbled as you turned on your side. You felt his arm wrap around you and bring your body closer to his so that your face was to his chest. You couldn't see him smiling but you could hear it in his tone that he was happy, "You're my baby girl. I lo-" you hear him cut himself off. You were wondering what he was about to say but you were too tired and honestly too comfortable in your position to ask. How did things end up this way? That you ended up giving into him so easily. Now, you technically we're going out on a date.
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