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I came across this and..... I wasn't gonna try it..... then I tried it because I was hella curious about my results. And who doesn't love a screenshot game?? That and my thirst for Gray the Bae got the best of me.

This is just for shxts & giggles, kids. So don't bash. Credit


My results are as follows:
My best friend, Q, is also a tease. Which makes things interesting because Dok2 has a crush on me.....he'd never admit it tho because he's only eye-level with my boobage. Kush.... well, he's a flirt and I'm not saying I don't like it. Zion.T is my rival prolly because he's a cockblock....yet I kissed him because shxt isn't complicated enough. My hubby and one and only lover, Mad Clown makes me a one man kinda gal.... which is just fine with me.

Can't say I'm not disappointed I didn't get any AOMG action......

If any of y'all try this, share your results in the comments or tag me in your result card!

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Sooooo, basically I'm a hoe (or pro, however you want to look at it) BF: Simon D Crush on me: Kush Flirt: Gray (yes ma'am!) Rival: Dok2 (:\ he found out I've been with most of the crew ((him included)) and dislikes me for it) Kiss: Mad Clown (like multiple times) Tease: Zion T. (he been singing me to sleep these past few nights...over the phone of course) Marry:...(are you ready??) Simon D!! (Yes lawdt!) Lover: Mad Clown (yep. he got me.) Cockblock: Gray (boy stop. Cause I won't.) I really enjoyed this lol...too bad my life isn't half exciting :\
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@CristelaLoz yeah I did im just stupid thanks for the correction :-)
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Bestfriend - The Quiett Crush on me - Gil Flirt & Tease - Doki Rival - Kush Kiss & Marry - Zion T Lover - Simon D Cockblock - Gray YESSSSSS I'm not mad at these results AT ALL. I really have no complaints and Gray can Cockblock anytime.
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why is it that every time I do these things I get the same person every time but only one is different?
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