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D.O was tired again and suddenly had the urge to cancel the meeting. She couldn't be too much different from the other fans so it wouldn't be too special. The two would meet at a coffee shop in Gangnam where a camera crew was set up. The manager informed him that she was already there and waiting on his arrival. Since the meeting would be broadcasted and on the news, he had his makeup lightly done and his hair fixed before leaving the van.
The manager had to lead him in and guard him from the intelligent fans who knew about the meeting and the location. Once they opened the doors to the cafe there was a loud gasp as the cameras turned to him to snap photos of his arrival. But it wasn't as loud as D.O was expecting, rather it was quiet as he noticed the slim girl sitting at one of the booths with a gaping smile. He didn't know a smile could seem so bright; he grinned back and made the girl giggle with glee. He sat down and her smile didn't fade. It was a good two minutes before the smile suddenly dropped: "This is a dream, isn't it?" She whispered. D.O just laughed back and put his hand out to shake her hand. "Hi...I'm EXO's D.O. Nice to meet you. Let's have a good meeting together." Her smile returned and it was brighter than the first time. Her hand was shaky as she took it out from under the table. She was nervous. There were two coffees on the table and D.O internally frowned at the drink in front of him: a caramel macchiato. It was a basic and common drink, but he couldn't drink it. The manager wanted him to lose weight and he would never get any sleep from trying to lose the calories from the drink. "My name is Lauren." He thought that was such a precious name. A foreign name. "I don't like my Korean name so just call me Lauren." He laughed at it: "In that case, you can call me Do Kyungsoo. I prefer the name Kyungsoo." She gleamed at the idea. He heard her keep whispering his name, practicing. "D.O, let's get a few good pictures of the two of you. Why don't you both take a sip of the coffee?" Despite him not liking the idea, he grabbed the coffee and leaned forwards on the table to make their faces closer. The picture would not look good and would need editing since her face lit up with pink cheeks. Her eyes widened and for a second he thought they were bigger than his eyes. "Lauren...I like that name." He said to her and she smiled, relaxing. He liked the looks of her. After introductions the PD came over to give the itinerary for the day: 10am-12pm tour of the SM building 12pm-1pm lunch 1pm-3pm performances 3pm pictures "Lauren has to be back with her family by 4 so we'll just end the day early. Lucky for you, you'll have time to go back and rest." D.O was so happy to hear the good news. He didn't regret his decision in meeting Lauren -- it was refreshing. "Lauren, how is your morning?" D.O walked over to her and asked. She was coughing harshly, but someone scurried over and gave her some water. "Are you okay?" Was all he could mutter. "Yeah yeah I'm fine. D.O...Kyungsoo, it's been the best morning of my life. I woke up early and came here. Yesterday a few of the girls from the production team took me shopping. Do you like my dress? Oh and this morning the girls gave me makeup advice and showed me how to make my eyes look bigger and my face look smaller. Do my eyes look big, Kyungsoo? Your eyes are big. Oh! And they did my hair. They curled the ends. Is it pretty? It was tiring, but it was worth it. I couldn't believe my eyes when you entered. I thought 'maybe it will be okay if he cancels because I got to do all this', but I don't think I've been happier than when I saw you in real life and not on a computer screen or an album picture." She kept on without breath. "You are very pretty, Lauren." He mentioned before the PD grabbed him over to talk about further details. Her eyes looked like they would pop out with how she excited she was to be in the SM building as a VIP guest. The tour seemed so long, but she acted very enthusiastic with each room they entered. "This place is huge! How do you remember? Do you have an orientation and they give you a map or something?" She snorted and then covered her mouth in shock that she did that. D.O just giggled and carried on.
"This is one of the recording studios. It's the one Baekhyun, Chen, and I prefer to use. I suppose we spend most of our time between here and the practice room connected to it. There's even a few blankets since we sleep a lot in here." She was hesitant to enter. "Lauren's parents say she knows how to sing. Why don't you offer to let her record a song?" One of the PDs requested him. "Huh...Lauren. What's your favorite EXO song?" "Actually....I like your OST song from the movie 'Cart'. It's very emotional and I like singing it to get rid of some of my built up feelings." She replied meekly, but with a small grin. The producer at the booth nodded and D.O nudged her to go in. She looks a smidgen scared and nervous, but relaxed at the sound of the first chord. She had to quickly find where to pick up, but she got into the song once she found her spot. She was really getting into it and screamed the note in the middle. D.O noticed a single tear fall at the end, but she quickly whipped it off and smiled again. "That sounded so good, Lauren. That was amazing." Was all D.O could say as she came out of the recording studio. "Lauren, what does this song mean to you?" One of the producers asked. "Why is it your favorite song?" She locked eyes with D.O and he looked at her quizzically. "It fits me. I don't need a typical EXO love song. I needed a song that connected with me and I felt like D.O's voice was my voice. He knew what I was going though. It's an anthem of sorts, my theme song. Sure it's a sad song, but it gives me strength." The room was silent while she and D.O kept their eyes on each other. It was interrupted by her having a coughing fit again. One of the PDs came over and handed her something; it took a second for D.O to realize it was some pills. "We wanted you to sing another song for us since you have such a beautiful voice. How about a fun song like 3.6.5?" Despite it being a sad moment earlier, her face lit up at the thought. "With D.O?" She asked enthusiastically causing him to laugh. The two of them entered the recording studio. She gave a fun squeal when the music started up. D.O sang all of the parts and she joined in for the chorus. She was having so much fun. They ended up recording 5 songs total and she got excited with the beginning of each one. It was suddenly noon and lunch time. They walked together -- or in a group with the PDs and camera crew surrounding them -- to the cafeteria. D.O was just going to order a small sandwich for himself and try to find the most gourmet item for Lauren, but was surprised to see the entire cafe was cleared. "D.O, you're going to be cooking a meal for Lauren." Her eyes lit up at the idea and D.O couldn't hide his smile seeing her with so much glee at the idea. "My #1 fan Lauren! What would you like to eat?" D.O asked enthusiastically. She was so happy that she ran behind the counter to see the ingredients. "Kyungsoo..what's your favorite food?" She asked. He thought it was sweet that she wanted to know more about him than just have him cook her favorite. "You're gonna be so happy to hear that I make an amazing kimchi jjigae. Do you like spicy food?" She slowly nodded her head, biting her lip to stop herself from smiling so wide. She sat at the other side of the counter to watch him prepare the food. She was massaging her cheeks from smiling as he was washing his hands and putting an apron on. "Kyungsoo, is it true that you like cooking and you're considered the cook of EXO?" He smiled and just nodded. "Kyungsoo, were your feet okay from filming that drama as Han KangWoo? I really liked the drama." He nodded again. "Kyungsoo, have you heard of kaisoo?" He couldn't hold in his laugh this time, but nodded again. "Kyungsoo--" "Yes, Lauren." He tried to intercept. "..Kyungsoo, can I help you cook?" His smile widened and made her smile, too. She came around to the other side of the counter and put on a matching apron. He handed her a knife and she started cutting some ingredients. She had to go to the side a few times to get some water and take more pills, but D.O decided to ignore it. He didn't like to think about the fact that she was sick -- she didn't act sick. The food was finished and they enjoyed it together. They made enough for the production team to eat as well because D.O always felt strange when he would eat while they just film him and skip lunch. She did a double-take and her mouth dropped suddenly so D.O had to turn around to see what was wrong. He shifted only to see a few of his fellow band mates strut along towards the middle of the cafeteria where they sat. They stood in a line and Suho counted off: "Hello. We are one. We are Exo." Suho, Chanyeol, and Lay showed up. She was in shock again. "Hello. I am EXO's leader Suho. Nice to meet you. The three of us are here to take you to the practice rooms where we've all rehearsed a special stage for you. Would you like to watch?" Her face was frozen, but she managed to nod her head once. They all stood up, but she stayed next to D.O the entire time. He thought she would run ahead and try to mingle with the other boys, but she didn't leave his side. D.O thought it was cute that she was following him. The other 3 boys had to slow down so they could be at her pace and chat with her. She stuttered on words like from this morning, but she articulated everything well. "Lauren, who are you most excited to see perform in person?" "Lay! He's a good dancer." She said without hesitation. D.O felt his heart drop for a second. Was it jealousy? This was his number 1 fan, and yet she was more excited to see Lay perform than him. Lay gleamed as she mentioned him. "I will dance very well for you, Lauren. D.O is also an amazing dancer. He's very dedicated and makes sure he can do one move successfully before moving on. He learns very quickly." She turned around and smiled at D.O again. Chanyeol and Lay grabbed her hands and they started jogging to the practice rooms. Suho stayed behind with D.O. "She's sick...they should be more careful with her." Suho muttered. D.O was still smiling watching her trying to keep up with them. "Kyungsoo...later tonight can you meet up with Baekhyun to go over some of the lyrics? The Chinese lyrics don't match the Korean ones as well so they're changing them." D.O just nodded. "Wow...that was a quick answer. Usually you'd huff and complain slightly. Have you been sleeping better? Hopefully tonight will be quick and you can sleep better again before tomorrow." Suho mentioned before they caught up to the practice room.
There was one chair in front of the mirror and Lauren had timidly sat in it. She was in awe from seeing everyone from her favorite boy group in person. D.O got in line with the rest of the boys before they did they introduction again. She squealed at it and was bouncing in her chair while clapping in her hands. The boys laughed slightly since she looked like a child. The boys moved to the side while Kai and Lay took center and the music started up. Their dancing was better than D.O remembered them practicing late last night. They had just improvised it last night since they were told last minute everyone would perform for her. Once their dance ended, one of the newest songs for the coming album started. Lauren looked confused but her jaw dropped as everyone went in positions and started dancing. Luckily they had this choreography memorized on Thursday like the manager requested. D.O went in the center for his main part and went up to her and gently stroked her head while he sang. She let out a gentle puff of air which made him realize she wasn't breathing. She must've been too excited. The song ended and all the boys were trying to catch their breaths. "Lauren, we can't show the new dance for a couple months on air, so this was just for your eyes. What do you think of the new song?" The PD asked her. She turned around and she was smiling widely again. "It was perfect. It made the day perfect. I wasn't expecting it haha. I think the rest of the fans will be stunned when they see it. It was the best dancing I've seen from EXO." "Lauren, all of the boys have been practicing this choreography for about 4-5 days. They haven't gotten much sleep, either. Was it obvious?" Her smile faltered a little. "Ah really? No I didn't notice it. It seemed like they put as much effort into it as Love Me Right. It looked like it had the same amount of practice. It was amazing." It was picture time so a bunch of the stylists came around to fix everyone's makeup. So many of the stylists were gathered around Lauren to chat with her; they seemed so intrigued by her. There were a few pictures with everyone, but most of them were just of Lauren and D.O. D.O was so happy he was going to get another day tomorrow with her.
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