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@PassTheSuga has a really cool game for you to play so check it out. Here are my results.
Of course he is. We are both fairly calm and laid back but also hard workers.
Ooooh my man has a crush on me. It's okay the feeling is mutual.
This better just be play flirting or you'll start in fighting.
What did I ever do to you?
Oh maybe that's why you're upset. You saw me kissing Dok2
Of course you'd pick on me old man.
Oh so he found out I liked him too. Now we are married.
The real reason The Quiett is my rival. He knows I'm messing around with his friend behind my hubbie's back.
Good job Gray. You really are my best friend and a good friend to Ssamdi.
@pandaqueenbee why must you tempt me
its a fanfic waiting to happen
hahaha so simon had a crush on you and got the girl but the man you kiss was to hard to deny. Then your best friend gray finds out and tries to put a stop to it ...think you got the most interesting one yet xD