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SMTM5 Producers SSGπŸ‘‘πŸ˜‚

First off thank you to @PassTheSuga the real mvp for posting this challenge

second.....let's get to this lovely results

I'm beyond happy with this..I love madclown he's so quiet and sweet and would honestly make the perfect best friend ever!

Aye! Simon.....Simon dominic.....Simon ...D.o.m.i.n.i.c ..Oh oh

I'm obviously not complaining at all μŒˆλ”” is one dangerously sexy man ....and learned something new he likes potatoes hahaha

I was not surprised by this at all lol he may be all mysterious but I know dang well Ziont has a secret flirty side

(aka he's a hoe on the slick) lol

......is it because Simon likes me......sorry gray hahaha

um.......I love you i do but didn't think we were on this level lol

well.....explains why he kissed me shame on you , you sneaky sir

.....amen.....to....this....sorry loco I guess Simon beat you to it

well again no complaints cause dok2 been one of my main side hoes for awhile....even though he's pocket sized I still love him

is it because I kissed kush.....or ignored your flirting and married Simon....lol