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A/N: First I want to say sorry for not updating. I just got a job, so I've been really busy and tired. Thank you guys for waiting and thank you for understanding!
Also, this chapter will be split into two parts because I couldn't think of another way to do it.
Happy Reading!
You had just started working on some school work that you were behind when you got a surprised video call. A smile spread across you face as you accepted the video call.
"Hey (Y/N)," Nora says excitedly. You find yourself smiling a little bigger. She always had a contagious smile. "Hey, Nora," you say, waving your hand at the web camera. "How's Amsterdam?"
"Amazing," she replies, "It's so beautiful here," she continues. The expression on her face is like a little kid who just got to the playground. She's always wanted to go to Amsterdam to study, and she finally got the chance. You smile to yourself, "At least she's doing okay," you think to yourself.
"That's great," you say, "Do you think you'll be staying there for awhile?"
"Oh, I'm thinking about staying here for a long while," she says, moving her long amber hair to the left side of her body. "How's the fort doing?" she asks.
You chuckle a little bit. Out of all the things she could be worrying about, she's worried about the apartment that she gave to you before moving. But that was Nora; always worrying about the little things. Which wasn't a bad quality in her. No, you loved that she worries over things that aren't important. It's what makes Nora, well Nora.
"Alright," you stat, " I mean, I haven't burned it down yet, so that's good."
Nora lets out a small laugh, "I knew I left it with the right person."
You let out a small smile. You haven't seen Nora since she moved. You missed her so much. You didn't think it would be hard living by yourself when she was gone, but you were wrong. She was your only friend before you meet Baekhyun. How you would kill to have her right now during this confusing time.
"So, why did you call me?" you asked, trying to make small talk.
She shrugs, "I just wanted to know how you were doing," she states, then gives you a smirk, "And to ask you how you and Channie are doing," her voice goes an octave higher when she finishes her sentence.
You sigh and let out a small smile. You really didn't want to talk about him right now. You didn't even know how you guys were doing. You thought you were fine one minute, but the next, everything would go downhill and you guys would get into another argument. Things just haven't been working out like you thought they would.
Nora notices your change in attitude change and her smile disappears from her face. "What's wrong?" she asks. You look at her on the computer. Even on a web camera, you could still see the concern in her eyes.
"Things aren't going so great," you finally admit. You didn't want to believe it, but there was no denying it now. Things aren't going well, and you hate that they're not. You bite the inside of your cheek, trying to prevent tears from falling out of your eyes.
"What," Nora asks in shock, "I thought you guys were doing great!"
"We were," you say, "But recently, things have been rough lately. He always gets mad at me and we seem to always be in some sort of argument." you let out, feeling a little weight fall off of your shoulders.
You look up at Nora, seeing her hanging on to every word that you said. You continue, "He always storms out when we fight, not giving us anytime to talk things out. Then when he comes back, we don't resolve anything. We just have make-up sex. That's all our relationship seems to be now; fighting and sex. It's like I'm just a stress reliever to him or something." you finish your thought with a sigh. It feels good to finally let that out.
"Oh," Nora says, her facial expression softening a little. "I'm sorry to hear that,"
"It's fine," you tell her, even though it's not.
"Well, if you need anything, just let me know," she says, pushing her bangs out of her face.
"Thanks," you say, "Sorry for letting this all out on you."
"You're fine," she quickly reassures. "So, how's Baekhyun doing?"
Baekhyun. You smile at the sound of his name, "Good. He's doing good." He quickly look down, trying to hide the small blush creeping across your face. But Nora notices it. She leans in closer to her web cam. "You seem happy about that thought." she says, "Is there something you're not telling me?" She knows when your hiding something, but your not hiding anything, right?
"No," you state quickly.
"Really, because it looks to me like you might have developed feelings for him again."
"No, we're just friends," you say.
Nora playfully throws her arms up in defense. "Alright, but if I hear anything about you and Baek, I will become that person that tells you "I told you so,""
You let out a laugh, "I know you will."
Nora laughs and pushes her hair out of her face, "Okay, I'll talk to you later," she says
"K, see ya," you say before hanging up, happy that you could to talk to Nora again.
You try to continue with your school work, but your mind was just not for it. One person just can't seem to leave your brain. Baekyun. Sure, you've had feelings for him in the past, but those were suppressed a long time ago.
You like Baekyun. He's always been there for you. He always makes you smile. He was just the best friend you always wanted to have. But were you thinking about him as more than a friend?
You shake your head, trying to get rid of your thoughts, but they kept coming back. You could clearly picture him; his big brown eyes, his shaggy hair, his adorable smile. You didn't realize how much you missed that smile until now.
"God damn you, Nora," you curse. She knew Baekhyun was the first guy you liked. Why did she have to bring it up now?
You start saving your work when your phone rings. You grab it without checking the ID and answer it. "Hello?"
"Hey, are you home?" you hear Baekhyun say. 'Speak of the Devil' you thought to yourself.
"Yeah," you answer, "Where else would I be." You pause waiting for Baekhyun to answer, but the line is silent, "Baek?"
"Yeah," he answers quickly.
"Why do you want to know if I'm home?"
"I'm in the parking lot of your apartment complex now, and I'll be up in about two minutes."
"What!" you say shocked, "Why?"
"Because I don't think you should be spending the evening alone," he states. You feel a small smile spread across your face. 'He cares?' you think to yourself.
"Yeah, I'm on your floor right now. I'll be there soon," he says before hanging up.
You look at your phone and set it down on the coffee table. You feel excitement, along with nervousness make their way to your stomach. You don't have time to process those feelings when you hear a knock on your door. "Coming," you say before getting up from the couch. 'Please make everything okay' you think to yourself.


Out boy! Hmmm...this can't be a good thing right? Or can it?! hehe!😉
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