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Did you know that Lamborghini produced tractors before cars? Owner, Ferrucio Lamborghini decided to create his own super cars when he had clutch problems with his Ferrari 250 GT. When he went to Enzo Ferrari's factory nearby to address the problem they quickly dismissed him since they had no time for a tractor manufacturer. Since that incident he went on to design the Lamborghini 350 GTV which became an instant hit at the Turin Auto Show in 1963.
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I love lamborghini.
great job there takashi. thanx for giving us such info
greate man Ferrucio...he did it... Lambos #1..
I love these stories where a big company rejects someone only for that person to become their main competitor.
@aero2042 thank you for your comment. I'm glad ferrucio did this otherwise there would be no lamborghini today!
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