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Best Friend : Dok2 ( I can so see me & Dok2 being best friends) Crush On Me : Simon Dominic (Isn't he a little to old to have a crush on a 20 year old) Flirt : Dok2 ( I feel like he flirts with everyone thoooo) Rival : Gray (BUT WHY HES SO TALENTED I DON'T WANT HIM AS MY RIVAL) Kiss : Gray (BUT ISNT HE MY RIVAL.. I'm not complaining tho) Tease : MadClown (NONO) Marry : Gray (WELL I DIDNT SEE THAT COMING) Lover : Dok2 (BUT I LOVE GRAY NONONO) Cockblock : The Quiett (well I can see him doing that with Dok2 cause come on we all know they love eachother...) anyway thanks too @PassTheSuga for the gamee!! (Card here)
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its a love hate thing you got with Gray but it seems Dok2 was secretly in love with ya but quiett trying to put him back in his place xD nice one