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So I have had quite the response to my question of doing a challenge like this. Having never STARTED a challenge before, I threw the idea out there before starting the challenge.
I hope I'm doing this right...

Challenge is thus:

Which Kpop groups do you consider your Top Ten?

Not your top ten biases. (been there, done that).
Tag 10 people (or more, it's up to you) to get this thing started! Just please be sure to tag me as well so I can see the results!
So...I guess I start. :)
I'm gonna do it 10 - 1, just to build suspense.
#10: UP10TION
Why? dunno. they just are. I get soo excited when I hear their songs on Pandora.
#9: Seventeen
They've kinda had me since debut
#8: VIXX
This is one group that keeps creeping up on me...
#7: GOT7
oh I wish I could've seen their Chicago concert!
#6: EXO
Ever since I saw them in Chicago, they've rapidly been moving up this list.
#5: B.A.P.
B.A.P. is probably the third group that I got into as I slowly sank into the realm of Kpop. (SHINee and Big Bang the first two)
#4: Big Bang
Well duh, of course they are on the list!
#3: Monsta X
Honestly, I'm not sure HOW they moved up my list so fast...but they did.
#2: SHINee
They used to be #1, since they got me into kpop. But...they kinda got usurped.
#1: BTS
Does this really surprise you?
Of course, there are MANY MANY MANY MANY more groups that I listen to, but these are the top 10 (as of this exact moment). Of course, the order is subject to change at any moment, cuz none of them know how to stay in their lanes! BTS took over SHINee at number 1, no matter how much I tried to stop them.
I'm just gonna tag EVERYONE in my tag list, just to try to see if this Challenge goes anywhere.
Remember, if you do it, please tag me so I can see it!
(sorry, @EmilyPeacock, I know I said that I would do it later, but I decided I should probably do it before I go to work, since I don't know when I will be getting home)
tagging my usuals!!
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F............. This is going to take me awhile πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@CrookedShadow then just do what u can. :)
@unnieARMkeY I will. I'll try to do 10 but if I can't then I'll do as many as I can ^-^
Crap.... 10!?!? I don't even think I listen to that many groups DX But challenge still accepted!! πŸ˜†