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I'm still utterly in shock. Apparently the EXO-L community caused the 13-year old actress, Kim Hwan Hee give up her career? The EXO-L community caused her to cry due to insults and bashing. What is this? Aren't we better?
She preferred BTS over our EXO, having the audacity to say that in front of everyone. Okay? So? Yes, it is triggering to an extent, but c'mon, we're better than that no? I'm not blaming all of the EXO-L members for this, but we are one, no?
I thought I joined a family. I didn't want to join a family who retaliated as such when someone had other opinions about a group. I just want to say I'm disappointed that this took place. I'm still in disbelief!
But this is just my opinion on the situation. What do you guys think?
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when chanyeol got his phone hacked he just posted it with the word STOP and then quickly too the post down on his instagram. exo isn't doing anything and honestly it makes it look as if they don't care what happens to them. they need to be firm. when chanyeol was chased in a car he wrote a professional letter about it but it takes a group to make a difference all of exo has to say something. you can't just complain and expect it to stop. the way I see it, if you have a bug in your house you ge
@LaurenStrayhorn You're right.
@Sukii thanks. I mean it's been 4 years, fans know that they're not going to do anything. they're gonna get away with it. they're used to it. 4 years and no action at all.
(continuation) get rid of the bug. (chanyeol's blogs) if you want to prevent bugs you exterminate. exo is the exterminator and their life is the house. it's not a fandom's job to protect their lives, it's theirs. there's only so much we can do.
Wow, why do people have to be so cruel. The girl didn't do anything wrong and yet she was threatened.