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I'm still utterly in shock. Apparently the EXO-L community caused the 13-year old actress, Kim Hwan Hee give up her career? The EXO-L community caused her to cry due to insults and bashing. What is this? Aren't we better?
She preferred BTS over our EXO, having the audacity to say that in front of everyone. Okay? So? Yes, it is triggering to an extent, but c'mon, we're better than that no? I'm not blaming all of the EXO-L members for this, but we are one, no?
I thought I joined a family. I didn't want to join a family who retaliated as such when someone had other opinions about a group. I just want to say I'm disappointed that this took place. I'm still in disbelief!
But this is just my opinion on the situation. What do you guys think?
I don't see what the problem was. So what if she said she preferred BTS over EXO. What's sad is the same thing would have happened if she said the opposite and ARMY's would have done this. This stupid ass fandom war has gone way tooo far 馃槨馃槨
I totally agree. there are some very nasty fans, saesangs too, that we just can't stop as a Fandom but we can reach out on social media to support her. also, Koreaboo isn't exactly known for its trustworthy news...hopefully she didn't say she would quit her job and it's just a rumour
This is why I don't consider myself part of any fandom. I'm neutral, like Switzerland, I'm not going to if things like this keeps happening. I know that this isn't all of the people in the fandoms, but all of this is getting really ridiculous. I thought I would be getting into a type of music where all of the fans were calm, cool and collected, but a lot of the things that I've read about some of the fans in these fandoms are fucking batshit crazy, THEY NEED TO FUCKING CHILL THE HELL OUT!!!!!! I of course don't mean everybody in these fandoms, they seem like genuinely awesome people, but our idols, actresses and actors need to be given the respect that they absolutely deserve! This actress did not, I repeat, DID NOT DESERVE THIS KIND OF TREATMENT AND IT REALLY FUCKING PISCES ME OFF!!!! Okay, here's some logic that I'm going to give to these fans that start this......imagine that you're these idols for a moment and listen to what I'm saying, then think about all of the things that happened and what you could have done to stop it instead of contributing to the bashing and other hurtful things. How would you feel if you were these groups that got bashed for no reason? How would you feel if you and your family were being threatened because of one tiny little mistake that you made? And imagine being Kai and Krystal as well, because they were being given unnecessary hate. How would you feel if you were being bashed because you were dating Kai or Krystal and we're being bashed by their fans because of it? How would you feel if you were this actress and said that you preferred one band over the other, then started getting bashed and threatened because of it? Now tell me how you would feel, think about what you could have done to stop those other fans from bashing and threatening her and causing her to give up her career. I hope you all are happy with yourselves, because you start unneseccary shit for no damn reason, and this is what happens. I hope that those who did this, live in regret, because your childish actions made this actress, who's 13 years old, stop what she loves to do. My apologies to everybody that reads this super long comment. I had to vent about all the stupid crap that some of these fans started, it's really getting on my nerves and I'm sure that it's getting on all of your nerves as well. Again, my apologies to those who read this super long comment.
Gosh some fans are immature I can't believe it. She is just 13 years old who cares it's her chose who she like they need to leave her alone
I feel the same way and unfortunately there will always be an immature group of individuals in a fandom that will cause conflicts. And idk if I saw this right but did she really die just yesterday? Bc that's just makes me even more disappointed that her last experience with EXO-Ls were something as negative as that. I just can't even with some people.
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