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Yas, I am new to the KRap and KHip-Hop world but I'm loving it and I love screenshot games so why not. Thanks for this game (even though I'm still learning) @PassTheSuga Play here. I wish I could do it as funny as some other ones I've seen but sorry, it'll be boring..just saying.
Mad Clown is it? We good as besties then
Well having a crush on me justifies your flirting muchness.
Ahh, looks scary so yeah rival makes sense.
Kush right...well kiss does begin with K (so we kissed in English) lol
I know him you gonna tease your way into marrying me..well than.
Simon D is pretty..hey lover! These flights to the mainland and back are pricey though.
Lmbo Dok2 really...with your wanna be Rican looking self. (too me at least)
Honestly I don't. Lawd so if someone can correct me or tell me who's who....I'll greatly appreciate it. @PassTheSuga @LocoForJiyong (help me) lol
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😂😂😂😂amen to the fact that you agree that dok2 looks Puerto rican
whoa! i takes illionaire to help you keep the secret in aomg nice xD
@LocoForJiyong he is...25%
@pandaqueenbee Puerto Rican? cause stuff I've read his dad his is Spanish (spain) and Filipino
it was in an article i believe allkpop if not smoopi...his spanish side is rican xD @LocoForJiyong