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Amnyeong its Sky! On 7/6/16 (Wednesday) I got a notification from FNCEnt. on KakaoTalk about FTISLAND and I thought I should make a card on it!
The teaser siter opened up today! You can check it out at They also released a promotional plan poster! 7/11 -Main Teaser Site opens -Title Poster 7/12 -Truth Version 7/13 -False Version 7/14 -Highlight Medley -Tracklist Poster 7/15 -MV Teaser 7/17 -Talk About The Truth (Live) 7/18 -Album/MV Release I dont really know much about FTISLAND but im super excited to see what they bring forth this time.

*KpopINT give all credit for photos and videos to their respective owners*

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Eeeeep!!!!! So stoked!!!!!!
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I am super super excited for this!!!!
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I dont really know them but even im excited! -🐳 Sky
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I can't wait!!!! I love FT Island.
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I have asked many times to be taken off your list and yet you continue to tag me...
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