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Purpose For Card: Hey Guys Today I Made This Card To ASK If I Were To Do Quiz's On Naruto How Many Of You Would Play ?? How To Join: If You Would Like To Play Comment Below And I'll Decide Whether Or Not To Do It Depending On How Many People I KNOW Are Going To Play. Purpose For Quiz: It's just going to be a fun quiz with answers A, B, C, and D to see how much you know about Naruto. You can also learn something from this Quiz!!! Important Note: Most Questions Will Be On Naruto Shippuden I'll Try to Do Some Based Off Of The Original Naruto Series Thank you !!!! (If you read it all)
Thank you all for joining !!! @TwizzlerBae @FairytailLUV @BrookeVerel @Bestfluteever @JessyRay19 @JosiahQuick @Scarletribbons @ynah2002 @DeceptionWolf @Nueoc @nadinestarnes @ErzaAsuka @CynthiaForeman @ShakurWortham I'm going to post the first question tomorrow just to wait and see if we can get at least 2 more people and the quiz will probably last for a month or so so 31 questions in total
I'll give it a go.
shit I'll do it
sounds fun, I'll play
I'll join.
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