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okay, I've just got to let some of the Feels out right now.
I know I usually don't write many cards about this Precious Man, But I'll tell you why I don't...
I have a Hard time writing cards about him because I Fangirl like an Idiot whenever I see him. so just a warning: if you see "asdfghjkl" at any point in this card, That means that I died from Fangirling, and then I will have to let my Ghost Continue Writing the card.
He Makes me go INSANE!!!
once upon a time, he was just my Bias of B.A.P, But I will Give you guys a little Demonstration of What he Did to my entire Bias list...
This is What Mr. Bang Yongguk has Done to my Bias list!!!
I have other Biases, but Yongguk has a Very Special place in my heart. This Man is My Loving 남편
Words Cannot Describe how much I love you, Gummy Bear!
Okay, I made it, I really didn't think that I would survive this...
Okay, That's enough Fangirling for now.
have a Good day, everyone!
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the gif at the end is too accurate of how you feel when you're a fan of BAP and even moreso a stan of Yongguk