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“I know you’re trying to finish the project by tomorrow but are you sure you’re okay Nabi?” Koko had been bugging her all morning about her mood. She just wanted to focus on work so she would not have to think about Yoongi. It was hard because of how close his desk was to hers. She had even brought her headphones today so she would not be able to hear him the few times someone came over to talk to him. “I’m fine Koko, promise. The presentation is tomorrow so I really need to get the slideshow finished. Just make sure you and Cree get the rest worked out.” Koko just smiled at her and went back to where Cree was at a table putting a chart together with craft supplies. Putting her headphone back in from where Koko took it out she went back to work on her computer. “I’m so glad we got everything finished. Tomorrow will be a piece of cake.” Cree was standing with her at the lift gates waiting for it to come back up. “Yea just remember the cues and it will go smoothly. I can talk till I’m blue but if you don’t change the slide at the right time I can’t use my visuals.” Cree grabbed her elbow smiling big. “Don’t worry I think I can do that much. Where did Koko go anyway?” “She said she had to meet Tae for dinner so she left as soon as she finished.” “Oooooh~ I saw they hit it off really well at that group date. Speaking of do you know a guy named Jung Kook?” “Yea I saw him when I ran into them at the grocery store. He seems kinda shy and awkward. How do you know him?” “Oh he’s in the same class as my friend Sely. She should hang out with us when she isn’t in class. You’ll like her she’s cool like me.” “Wow it’s a small world. I haven’t been living here that long but I already know people who knows someone that knows someone else I know. That was a mouthful.” They stepped inside the lift hitting the button for the bottom floor. They had waited to go down last not wanting to be squished inside the lift. Just before the doors closed Yoongi stepped into the lift. Instinctually she turned her body away from him towards Cree. Why did he have to be on the lift with her? It was already hard to look at him without her chest hurting. “Are you doing anything later?” She really just wanted to talk about anything right now. “Yea. Namjoon is coming over later to hang out. He feels bad about the other night so he wanted to make it up to me.” “At least he apologized for hurting you.” She had not realize how much that statement was pointed at Yoongi till she saw his eyes squint in the mirror. How could he have possibly known he hurt her. Sure there was the time at the norebong, but he would not have known about last night on her way out. Why did it have to be so complicated with him?