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Luffy VS Lucci
One Piece
No matter how many anime I watch, this will forever be the most epic and memorable fight for me in all of anime history. Luffy literally makes himself a hundred times stronger in such a short amount of time to be able to be on par with the CP9. The way Luffy can fight anyone, anytime, seriously, if its for his nakama. Luffy is willing to do anything to save Robin in the Enies Lobby arc. So much so, to the point he literally fights to his almost death. The thing I love the most about this fight is that just a few simple words from Sogeking give Luffy the strength to fight even harder, finally defeating Rob Lucci.
Naruto VS Pain
Naruto Shippuden
Okay, so there's about a million and one reasons that I absolutely love this fight and have re watched it a good 50 times give or take. For starters, it's the first time we see Naruto's new sage mode in action. Secondly, the way you just know that Naruto has matured greatly, especially after asking Tsunade about the whereabouts of Kakashi Sensei. *tear*
Plus, he meets his dad and we all learn that his dad is the Fourth Hokage! Lastly, but not least, Naruto says that famous line that has been said through the mouths of all his sensei's....
Karma VS Nagisa
Assassination Classroom
Watching two close friends fight in serious (ish) combat is always intense but this fight just blew my mind. After always walking in Karma's shadow, Nagisa is finally able to step his game up and fight on equal terms with his long time friend, Karma.
Death the Kid VS Blackstar and Soul
Soul Eater
This was just a hilarious fight and I couldn't not incorporate it into this card. Who said the best anime fights had to all be serious or to the death ones? (:
Bakugou VS Midoriya
Boku No Hero Academia
We all know this was supposed to be a training course in their hero academia class but these to rivals took it as seriously as any battle. Midoriya always wanted to be like Bakugou, his childhood friend but Bakugou always acted as though he despised him. I know this battle was tough on both of them both mentally and physically but they learned a lot from it and I feel it was a turning point for their relationship.
Killua VS Chimera Ant
Hunter x Hunter
Killua seems to play a part in a good portion of my cards. Haha, I just can't help how badass he is to me!
Roy Mustang VS Envy
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Mustang finally gets his revenge on Hughes' killer and takes it to the extreme. This fight had so much fear and emotion in it. I was terrified that Mustang wouldn't be able to come back to sanity after almost completely being taken over by his rage. If it wasn't for Riza, he may not have..
I know I say this every time but I could literally go on with this card forever. I am leaving out so many important battles but I will stop here for today. As always, I hope you all enjoyed!
Tagging my nakama..
sweet ones
Hmm. I'd assume an orange? Or treasure! 馃槏 haha. I love your Naruto and Sasuke chest piece for sure!!! I have 4 Naruto tats!! Haha. I think me and you are probably the two coolest people in the world. I can't wait to see all the tats once you get them/finish them!! @LuffyNewman
Yep, isn't finished but he has his wings and all, honestly I can't wait to do his eyes the most. That crazy blue green turquoise is like what makes him!! @KurosakiJess you'll see when it's finished. He is on the opposite side of my forearm as sasuke is. Haha I have like 5 Naruto tats lol can't say I went overboard bc I do love Naruto!! One Piece chest scar in memory of Ace is going to be my first OP big piece!! Gonna say RIP ASxCE and then have a piece of all my crew that resembles them within the ends of the scar or around the straw hats name and Jolly Roger I will get above or below center point of scar!! Can you guess what will represent you?? Zoro is def swords and Sanji will have to be cooking related Ussop will prob be Sogeking mask n long nose or his slingshot dealio. But I may get the merry and Sunny on my back or for an entire Op leg and have them all incorporated on the ship itself!! I need skins I can change in and out of for the anime tats I want. Haha
You have Ulquiorra??!!! I didn't know that!!!! @LuffyNewman
I reallyyyyy wanted to throw in Luffy vs 20000 but I try to not put two of the same anime in one card. Of course I also wanted to add Ichigo vs Ginjo but didn't for some reason. Haha @LuffyNewman
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