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Her phone was blowing up with social media messages when she woke up. It was the call from her manager that made her move. She picked it up and wasn’t even able to say hello before he was talking in a raised tone. “Do you have any idea what’s all over the internet right now? The nitazens are in an uproar as well as Day6 fans. Some of your antis are even getting in on the topic. How could you be so careless as to let him post a picture of you two where you’re lying on him sleeping. Don’t worry I’ve already talked to his manager and I’m sure he’s getting fussed at too.” “I didn’t even know he posted that till 15 minutes after he did it. It was already out so I didn’t think anything more about it. No one seemed to care last night when they were looking at it. Why do the nitazens always have to put in their two cents. I don’t care about my antis they have never phased me but his fans should not be attacking me if he’s the one who uploaded it.” She sighed into the phone rolling over so she was facing the wall. “We will get with their company and figure out what we are going to do. Just be ready to make an apology.” “Why should I apologize for something I didn’t even do? Even if I posted it I shouldn’t have to apologize for being close with a man. You can have male friends and not be with them. That’s the only thing that frustrates me so much over here. Yea they look down on it somewhat in America but they don’t post it all over the internet and make it a huge deal.” “Please be careful what you say. If someone was to hear you talking like that we wouldn’t be able to protect you.” “I know, I know. If I don’t have any schedules this morning I’m going to stay home. I don’t want to go outside. I don’t feel like getting attacked today.” “You don’t have anything till 2 but you shouldn’t hide. It will only make you look guiltier. Stay home for now but I’ll come get you around 11 so you can spend some time at the salon getting your hair and makeup done.” “Fine only because you won’t leave me alone even if I try to ignore you at my door. I’m hanging up now.” “Remember to eat breakfast.” She acknowledged his concern before hanging up the phone tossing it to the end of her bed. She was going to have a long talk with Jae.