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Good news, everyone! Today I bring you a few useful links for creative designers. Maybe somebody don't know yet about this amazing projects. So let me try to open a little wide your eyes. 1. Dribbble - a designer community. Easy way to discover something interesting, finds inspiration. There are living a giants of art. Link: http://dribbble.com 2. Behance - something the same above. And the best way to made your own web portfolio and find many friends. Link: http://behance.net 3. Graphicburger - There is many free things for creative human race like mock-ups, textures, icons etc. So my advice to visit this resource for your growth. Link: http://graphicburger.com 4. Codyhouse - Amazing a free library of HTML, CSS, JS nuggets. Very useful resource for web developers. There is not much but surely you can find something awesome idea for your mind. Link: http://codyhouse.co 5. Koken - I discovered this project a year ago. This is CMS (engine) for your web site. Whole FREE, easy to use and much a variety of different settings. For photographers, designers and just creative people. Link: http://koken.me That's it all today. Keep a look!