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Well everyone it's Saturday and today is dedicated to Yano and A-Tom.
So here, I present to you the first card which is all about A-Tom. Hope you enjoy~

General Information~~

Horoscope: Gemini
Real Name: Kim Sang Gyun
Date of Birth: May 23, 1995
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62kg
Position: Rapper
Blood Type: O

Facts About A-Tom~~

- After Watching Se7en's 'Passion' performance, he decided to become a singer.
- He can sleep anywhere at anytime, because of this he got the nickname 'Sleeping Key Keeper'
- Suwoong from Boys Republic is his close friend (haha my BR bias)
- In his second year of high school, he became a trainee
- SNSD is his favorite girl group
- Doesn't like snacks
- One of his favorite foods is ramyun
- Says he's been told he has a charming laugh
- He really likes shoes, like REALLY likes shoes
- Has really nice hair, better than all of ours
Thanks for reading. As a reward here's a happy dancing A-Tom, who's most likely being judged by a certain someone...
please let me know if you'd like to be tagged ^^
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@Tigerlily84 it's just like, how can you not love these dorks 馃槅, there funny,cute, the list goes on
a year agoReply
@HeichousRegalia Exactly! I have to do a binge hunt on YouTube stuff if theirs.
a year agoReply
Tag meh ! TOPP klass in the building
a year agoReply
@milcalopez963 I got you 馃憣馃徏
a year agoReply
@HeichousRegalia yassss 馃榿
a year agoReply