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KHJ/A finished court examinations... "no cross examinations”
2. AttyL: on July 20, there wl b a court day just for legal counsels only, and after that day there will be court ruling. - OSEN
3. AttyL 3: She continued to repeat the same claim based on text msgs and in-home pregnancy tester. - OSEN
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It seems this witness doesn't know anything first hand. Only what Choi has told her.
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her best friend, choi.
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@rmayra1 Would you be so kind as to tag me in all yiur future cards especially the law suit news of this man with a voice of an angel??? I love your updates...
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same here tag me in the update of this because I need to know
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thank! @KokoroNo Takara,@ TwistedPuppy.
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