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Annyeong! It's Sky! As you all know here at KpopINT we share our fanfiction and writing with you. Today is my day! Without further ado here is my story A Pika Love Story. Main Characters: OCxBoyfriend's Kwangmin Other Characters -Youngmin (Boyfriend) I hope you guys like it
"So Nikkou who do you like?" Youngmin asked out of the blue. "I heard that you have a crush on one of us. I wonder who it is." Its Saturday, the day when Nikkou and the rest of the group spend all day lounging around watching a movies at the twins house. "Really Nikkouchu." Kwangmin asks a bit startled. "How come you haven't told me that you like one of us!? I thought we were best friends?! PIKACHU TWINS!"he asked throwing his hands in the air. The rest of the group and even Nikkou looked at him like he was a bit crazy. EVERYONE knows that she has a huge crush on the younger twin... except for him it seems. "Is it Youngmin? Cause we all know I'm the cuter one!" He said while doing a flower pose. "Pikachu how could I tell you?" She mumbled sadly while he kept rambling on about how he could have been the best windman. She got up and stretched. "I think I'm gonna go for a walk now. I'll be back." She put on her shoes and walked to the park that was a few block from the house and sat on the bench next to the pond. After a few minutes she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Youngmin holding an envelope. "Here read this." He gave it to her and ran away. She opened it and read it seeing it was a ciphered clue. She quickly used the clue and ended up at the gazebo in the center of the park. "What took you so long Nikkouchu?" Kwangmin asked with a smile. To say Nikkou was confused is an understatement. He handed her a little blue box and inside was a cute ring with a thunderbolt on it. She knew what this meant and looked up at him smiling. "I know you like me Nikkouchu and I like you too. Will you go out with me?" She nodded and put it on. "Yes!" They lived as happily as Ash and Pikachu.
please anther part please oh god
@Beccachu lmfao we will see-🐳Sky