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be prepared this is the face he makes in this chapter.
The next day I hung out with Mark and like a good friend I talked Jenni up. I did tell him he needed to actually text her instead of holding onto her number forever. Thankfully by the time I got home Mark had text Jenni. "What did you say to him?" "Nothing bad I promise." "No he said he was going to wait a few days to text me but something you said made him not do that." "Oh nothing much...just that if he waited to long you might fall for another guy." "Oh my gosh." She laughed " Well thank you." "Yea no problem!" She went off to her room smiling at her phone. I decided to eat a snack and then go to bed. I was laying in my bed trying to fall asleep and it just wasn't coming. *Ding* I grabbed my phone and was blinded by the bright light. There was a message from Junior. Junior: How was the hang out? Me: You worried about Mark? Junior: No, I mean who would be worried about the girl they like hanging out with a very attractive man who she could fall for. Oh my gosh he is too cute. Me: Here's a few things you need to know. 1. He isn't my type 2. You don't have to be jealous 3. You called Mark Attractive hahaha 4. You made me blush at saying the girl you like. I waited a bit for him to respond. Junior: This may be weird but.... Junior: Are you in the dark? Me: Yea Junior: Do me a favor turn your light on. Me: Why? I got up off the bed and went to my light switch. I waited for his response. BOOM! I jumped and then saw a flash. Was it suppose to Rain? I walked over towards my window and was about to open the blinds when my phone went off. Junior: You need to make sure it works. Me: Ok that's weird. Then I heard the rain start. I opened my blinds and looked out. It was raining hard. I went to my light and flicked it on and then off. Me: Yea it works. I started to go back to my window when there was a knock on it. I froze. "(Y/n) it's me let me in." I quickly unfroze hearing Juniors voice. I opened the window and he jumped up and pulled himself into my room. "Thank god my room is on the first floor." I laughed. "Yea that would have sucked." He said standing up. "Hold on." I quickly grabbed some towels from my closet and gave them to him. "Thanks, I didn't expect it to rain until the morning." "I didn't know at all. I never pay attention to the weather i go by what it looks like outside." I smiled. "Yea that can work." "Well the weather man is normally wrong when it comes to rain and snow." Junior shivered. "You know what....I think I have something." I walked over to the light and flicked it on and then went into my dresser. I shifted through several things and then pulled out what I wanted. "Junior change into these." I held out some clothes for him. "Thanks" He took them and I walked out of the room so he had privacy. "What are you doing?" Jenni asked making me stop. "Oh nothing." "Were you in the phone?" "Yea." "Ok I thought I heard Juniors voice so that had to be it." "Ahh Yea I have to call him back I just kinda hung up on him." I smiled and quickly went back into my room. Junior was about to say something and I quickly ran and jumped on him to cover his mouth. Thankfully I only knocked us onto my bed. "Shh Jenni's outside." I looked at him and froze once again. He hadn't completely changed. He didn't have a shirt on so he was bare chested and I was touching him. His eyes were staring straight into mine, making my stomach do flips while my heart was beating so fast. He used his hand and pulled mine off of his face. He moved a little closer and put one of his hands on my waist. "Why do I have to be quiet" He whispered into my ear. "I...I didn't want Jenni knowing you were in here. I'd never live it down." I quickly moved away from him back over to the door and locking it. I turned some music on so Jenni couldn't hear us talking. He had put the shirt on while I did that. I sat next to him. "So were these your ex boyfriends?" He asked "No they were my brothers, he um....well he's not around anymore and that's the last thing I have of him." "(y/n) I don't need to wear them." "No its ok, I just keep them because it was the last thing I saw him in before....well stuff." "Do you wanna talk about it?" "No. You don't need to know about that stuff." "(y/n) I need to know every little thing about you if I want to be in your life forever." "Junior don't say that. You can't control fate." "I will try my damn hardest, please just tell me." He was going to be the first person besides Jenni that I talked about this with. "Fine, my brother was in the military. He loved it and every time he was done I'd beg him to stay but he would re-enlist. So he was set to deploy overseas and he came back home. I stayed with him at my parents house so we could spend time all together. He left his clothes by accident and I said I'd mail them to him when I could, since we couldn't just go back home and get them since he was about to board his flight....We said our goodbyes and watched him leave. He let us know when he got back to base and then he said he'd be out of contact for a few months and only be writing letters. So it wasn't weird." I paused....I still remember the feeling that day. "It's ok." Junior said patting my back. "I was at my parents alot. we'd watch the news and we knew people were dying over there and we just prayed he wasn't one of them....but one day we were making dinner and the doorbell went brother died in action." I started to cry a little. But quickly wiped them away. "That outfit was the last civilian clothes that I saw him in." "(y/n) I'm really sorry for that. But I'm glad you told me." "Yea your the only other person I have talked about it to." "Really?" "Yea." "Well thank you for letting me be the 2nd to hear more about your amazing brother and how much you cared for him." "You got all that?" "Yea if you didn't love your brother you would have gotten rid of these along time ago and you wouldn't have cried." "Gosh Junior so observant." I laughed "Hey this may be weird but I'm tired and was kinda trying to sleep soooo." "Of course I can stay." Junior said with a smile. "That's not what I was going to say." "Come on you know you want to cuddle with me." He did a cute face. "Fine but no funny buisness." "Promise" He said and I got up and turned the light off. "Oh yea why'd you come over? I totally forgot due to what happened to you." "Oh I wanted to get details on what happened with you and Mark." "Junior." I looked up at him and he looked down at me....or at least in my direction. "Yea." I closed the distance between us and kissed his lips lightly then laid back down. "Thanks for tonight, and again don't worry about Mark I don't like him like I like you." "Good cuz I won't let him have you."
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Omg that sounds great, looking forward to it
You should really continue it
You are so awesome, one of my favourites so far 💚💚
The "Come on you know you want to cuddle with me. He did a cute face" thing was so cute!!!!
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