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My Top 10 Groups
Hey Guys its me UnicornSuga! And today you know just got tagged in a card where we have to name our top 10 kpop groups, so let's go!! @unnieARMkeY

1. GOT7

When I first got into kpop BTS was my favorite group, but the 7 boys of GOT7 get to me and ruined my life, that explains a lot..


I loved them sense day one, I act a lot like them and I just love them! They're a girl group that just stool out to me.

3. BTS

Like I said BTS used to be my favorite but GOT7 took their spot, I still love BTS.

4. Monsta-X

I think everyone loves Monsta-X, I mean, what is their not to love about them??


Just love them, and their song Voodoo Doll, this group always makes me laugh and I'm so glad I listen to them.

6. EXO

Who doesn't love them?!?

7. NCT

None of my friends seem to like them, but I'm like obsessed with them.

8. Twice

I've loved them sense they debuted tbh..

9. U-Kiss

I can't believe I didn't know about them till about a month ago! There such an amazing group!

10. SHINee

I didn't have a GIF of them... but Key is bae <3
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