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So, as I said last time~ we're gonna do a story game to encourage all you young writers out there. Now, to explain what this sassy diva has to do with this. All the created stories have to either be through Key's POV, about him, involve him in a major way. You can even write a story about an impact he has had on your life. We'll slowly build the stories together and if you want you can post your finished work in the SHINee community. Remember though... if you do post it, only post it in communities that are involved in the card. So~ let's start the first part.
First step is picking what type of story you want it to be. If you choose Smut, horror, or anything that might trigger someone, make sure you include a warning always. Fictions are to entertain, not negatively effect. Decide your genre by next Friday so we can move to the next step. Until then, GOODBYE BABY, GOODBYE BABY~!!!