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Hello friends! Sorry I've been gone since...May. I am not one to justify myself, but I have not been drawing for a long time. At first I started drawing in my own style and then suddenly I stopped. And now I have found a drawing app on my phone and I've been basically learning how to draw again because I can't get proportions right! I've never used a drawing app or tablet before so it's been weird. I managed to finish this coloring of the manga panel because I had asked you guys to tell me who you'd like too see and was just talking so damn long. Thus I decided to draw her for @JessicaFerrier who probably doesn't even remember *crying* cuz it was such a long time ago. I hope a coloring was ok. Manga Momoi us the best Momoi Kuroko no Basuke: Momoi Satsuki Filter: N/A Art Style: Digital
I would really like a sports anime community but there aren't enough of us dammit
Of course I remember and it looks great! πŸ˜†πŸ‘