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Kyuhyun Fanfic Tag List ^^
Hey guys! I'm going to try my hand at writing Fanfiction on Vingle. I've written before but only on AFF. So, if you want to be tagged in future chapters, let me know! I'll add you onto my personal tag list as I won't be using the Sapphire Ocean Tag List for this story or any future stories :) I'll be posting it tonight ^^
About the Story: Title: Let's Go Back Main Characters: Kyuhyun X Reader X ??? Main Pairing: Who knows? ;) Genre: Romance; Angst Chapters: We'll see... Summary: Kyuhyun and Y/N practically live in their own perfect world. But when Kyuhyun comes back, their world starts to fall apart.
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Please tag me😀
a year ago·Reply
I want to be on your fanfics tag list too ❤
a year ago·Reply
@MaggieHolm @EliseB @MelissaGarza I shall add you on then :) And just so you know, the first chapter came out already. ^^
a year ago·Reply
Super late to the party here, but can you tag me in future fanfics please?! 😆
a year ago·Reply
@resavalencia I certainly can :)
a year ago·Reply