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So the ball is mine once again!
I hope your all enjoying this collaboration that @SarahVanDorn and myself are doing!
It's getting real heated in this chapter, okay not really lol well maybe towards the end for minute lol.
Anyway if you haven't gotten a hold of Part 2 by Sarah here is a link to it! --> HERE I AM!

“Let me ask you, should I be calling you Rap monster or Namjoon?” Jenni asked turning to face him. The table they sat at was square so everyone was in a makeshift circle and thankfully the mic swiveled so both her and Sarah could just move the mic over to the one speaking.
Namjoon chuckled.
“You can call me Namjoon, that’s fine” he said.
“Okay So why don’t we start with you and work our way around the room. If you just want to introduce yourself and say one or two things about yourself” Jenni said. It took up a few minutes with each of them introducing themselves.
“Sweet, Ok and now before we get into anything else I have to as a favor of all of you” Jenni winked at Sarah and than asked. “Can you each call us Noona?” She asked.
“J-Ruby!” Sarah said flustered and almost saying Jenni’s actual name.
“Oh come on. We talked about this! You know you want to hear it!” Jenni teased making everyone in the room laugh except Sarah.
“I don’t want them knowing I’m older” she said.
“I’m older, I’m okay with it!” Jenni shrugged. She looked off to the guys. “Please!” she added making them laugh.
“I’ll start!” J hope said. “Noona!” he gave a cute look at Sarah and than turned to Jenni. “You be my noona?” he said in a cute voice making her laugh.
“Love you noona’s!” Jimin said making a tiny heart with his fingers. Sarah giggled.
“Noona” Suga said looking at Sarah. “Do I make your heart flutter?”
An animated sound came out of Sarah, one that was in between a squeal and a scream. It made Suga smile.
“Nope no don’t do it to me” Jenni said as he turned to look at her. “If you people saw Diamond’s reactions you would know she just melted on the floor.
“Wait wait, I want to try” Jin said before he turned to look at sarah, in fact he actually moved his seat closer to sarah and grabbed her hand.
“Will you feed me Noona?” Jin said.
“Oh yes yes noona will feed you” Sarah said in a too excited voice. It made everyone chuckle.
“Diamond behave yourself. You can spoon feed him later” Jenni said between laughing.
“Noona Ruby, will you spoon feed me later?” V asked mimicking Jin
“Oh you are too cute. If Diamond feeds Jin I’ll feed you V” Jenni said making sure to add his name so the listeners knew who was talking.
“That happen. I’ll hold you to it” He said looking serious.
“Oh did someone get a crush on Ruby” Jimin teased.
“Oh Jimin don’t make him blush” Jenni said.
“Please make him blush” Sarah said.“Oh we have a bunch of callers.” She said looking at the board that was lit up.
“Wait we have two members left than we’ll take a few callers” Jenni said.
“You really want us to call you Noona?” Namjoon questioned.
“Oh yes,” Jen laughed. “And you totally just snuck that in there didn’t you” she stated the obvious.
“Just so you know no one has made Ruby melt on the floor yet! Kooki you have your work cut out for you” Sarah said.
“Diamond” Jenni called. Kooki just blushed but moved his chair around namjoon and came closer to her. He came close enough that his knees touched her chair.
“Will you praise me noona?” He asked hesitantly. Jenni’s mouth dropped open.
“THis is your chance to pet him” Sarah hedged in. Jenni’s mouth snapped shut and she shot sarah a devious look.
“Oh, yes your right” She said. Jenni did just that, she patted Kooki’s head and got a smile out of him.
“Okay, you have to go do that to Diamond,” Jenni said. Kooki got up and than went over to Sarah and took a seat on Suga who was sitting next to her.
“Am I cute Noona?” He asked Sarah.
“Oh come on” She groaned. “You can’t do that to me and not expect me not to react like a fangirl” She said.
“On that note! Right before Diamond passes out let’s take our first caller” Jenni said flicking the switch to the first caller.
“Alright Doll you are on with Ruby and Diamond and the members of Bts. You have a name or would you want to be called Doll?” Jenni said.
“Hi Ruby! My name is Josie I love your show” Josie started out. “I just wanted to say you totally surprised me with your guests! I love Bts” She said.
“That is great to here” Jenni said. “When did you start listening to them?” she asked.
“For the past year. My Bias is Suga” Josie said.
“Nice, Hey Suga why don’t you say hi to your fan” Jenni said.
“Thanks for the love Josie. I’m happy to have a fan like you out there” Suga said.
“Alright, so we’re going to play one of their songs and than were coming back to speak to them” Sarah said.
“Oh I think it’s just Diamond who needs a breather here. About ready to faint yet?” Jenni asked.
“Shut up, oh no you know what that means you get to talk to them the rest of the time! So no no I’m not done yet” Sarah revived herself and came back to life in order to talk more to the boys. Jenni laughed.
“Sounds good. But still for the greater good of all. Let’s play one of my fav songs” Jenni said before hitting the switch and the song Jump by BTS started to play. The light went off and all of a sudden Jenni deflated in her seat.
“Bit tired there?” Sarah asked.
“You bet, I didn’t get any sleep last night. Plus we have two different artists today. I’ overexerting in my excitedness” She said making up words.
“Excitement Jenni, there is an actual word” Sarah said causing the guys to laugh. Jenni eyed them and smiled.
“Sorry” she apologized, mostly for inability to come up with words. LIfting up her papers she went through the list of questions.
“So your name is Jenni?” Namjoon questioned.
“Uh oh yea. Oh she let it slip out?” Jenni questioned.
“Oops,” Sarah said than shrugged “Not really.”
“Wait, back up. You two act on air? You are not always that perky and talkative?” Jin questioned. Sarah eyed him.
“I have tears in my eyes from the laughter.” She said with a straight face.
“Sarah means to say we aren’t always that perky but for the most part yea our random conversations are real.” Jenni interpreted for her friend.
“Oh song’s almost over. Are we taking another caller or going into questions?” Sarah asked looking at the blinking light and the time.
“How long we got?” Jenni asked.
“Thirty eight minutes” Sarah answered.
“Okay than let’s go into questions than we’ll have randomness after. I just want to get some of these out of the way” Jenni said.
“What questions do you have?” Namjoon asked.
“Were on!” Sarah said cutting her off. “So How’s everyone doing so far! I finally picked myself up off the floor and revived myself so I could continue talking to Bts” Sarah started.
“Oh Diamond stop it, you make it sound like you really did turn into a puddle” Jenni said.
“If anyone is just tuning in we got Bts live in our studio, sharing space with Ruby and Diamond” Jenni said into the mic. “Why don’t we get down to business and question these Idols” She grinned.
“Oh oh can I ask the first question!” Sarah asked.
“Go for it Diamond!” Jenni said.
“This is an easy one! What inspires you to do what you do?” Sarah asked.
Namjoon chuckled.
“What inspires us is the people.” Suga said. It was a very short answer. Jenni stared at sarah.
“Okay. Anyone else got something to say about it?” She asked
“That’s about it. We share our music and hope it lifts people's spirits as it lifts our own” Kooki said.
“Nicely put” Jenni nodded.

“Okay moving on Oh I want to ask this. Would you want the ability to read people’s minds?” Sarah asked.
“You are not bringing them into that fight. I told you why it’s a bad idea” Jenni laughed.
“Oh come on Ruby, let’s see if I can get more people on my side” Sarah laughed.
“I would want to read people’s minds” Kooki agreed.
Both J hope and Suga said they would as well.
Namjoon, V, Jin and Jimin agreed they wouldn’t want to read minds.
“What makes you agree with me?” Jenni asked.
“I think I have enough going on in my own mind to take on someone else’s” Namjoon said.
“That’s Ruby’s reason!” Sarah said making her laugh.
“No I said I’m insane enough and my mind is filthy I don’t need anyone else’s dirty thoughts in my mind” Jenni laugh.
There was a knock on the glass which made everyone look over to see boss man standing there.
“Uh oh I think we are getting in trouble” Sarah said low key to Jenni making sure she wasn’t saying it into the mic.
“Alright so onto our next question. How do you guys describe your show’s? Visually and musically?” Jenni asked reading her paper.
“Well Ruby we have a lot of pumped up fans that show up and we try to interact with them as much as possible” Jin started.
“We take lots of pictures with the phones that are handed to us” Kooki chipped in.
“And we dance to all our songs, there’s lots of lights so it is visually pleasing” Namjoon said.
“And blinding” Kooki chipped in.
“And blinding sometimes. As long as we don’t look up though we are fine” Namjoon added.
“That’s good information to know” Sarah said.
“And I hear that you guys play the entire time taking breaks to talk to the crowd” Jenni commented.
“We do. We play about 80% of the time” Namjoon said giving a percentage.
“That’s a lot of activity” Sarah said.
After that question they asked about four more questions before they took callers, all telling the group how much they loved them and than they took a couple last minute requests for songs.
“Alright guys were winding down our hour with BTS” Sarah said. “I hope that all of you were happy listening to them and having them on the show as much as we loved it!”
“We’ll take one more caller before we turn up the tunes” Jenni said. “This is Ruby and Diamond live with bts. Caller forty two you're on. Do you have a question for our guests?” Jenni had flipped the switch and the caller came on.
“HI Ruby, Yes I was listening earlier when you were live with Drift Style. I was wondering if Diamond could ask the question you cut her off on earlier” the female caller said.

Sarah instantly stared in horror at the mic and all Jenni could do was laugh.
“Oh my god I love you Doll for suggesting that” Jenni tried to hide her laughter and the blush that was coming over her face. Her cheeks were hot because she knew what Sarah would be asking. “So Diamond you feeling alright there?” Jenni asked her.
“Just great” Her voice squeezed. “I’m not saying the original question” She hissed at Jenni covering her mic.
“Oh but you must! They’re not minors” Jenni said covering her mic. The guys were exchanging looks with each other and fidgeting. If they knew what question was coming their way she wouldn’t doubt they would be squirming more.
“That is too embarrassing” She blushed deeply. Jenni uncovered her mic.
“I think Diamond needs a little incentive for this. She’s getting all shy on me all of a sudden” Jenni said.
“You would be too” Sarah said. “I’ll ask if you ask a question first.”
“Alright, Doll you got a question to ask?” Jenni said.
“Hmm How about what are your favorite color’s?” The caller asked.
“My favorite color is black” Namjoon started.
“And here I am complete opposite with Pink!” Jin said sounding happy.
“No I”m the opposite of black with White” Suga said pointing it out.
“But, but it’s pink! I look good in pink!” Jin said.
“Well that is very true” Suga noted.
“And I think we’ll be coming back to that” Jenni said slyly
“Mine is Green. Christmas color!” J hope said.
“Omg I love red!” Jenni said laughing. “Complimentary colors”
“I don’t have just one color, I like few. All the ones mentioned so far” V said.
“Awe” Sarah said.
“Copy cat” J hope teased.
“Black and Blue” Jimin said sneaking his note in.
“Oh I like blue too. Alright Kooki, your last up. What are your color’s?” Sarah asked.
“I like red and black” Kooki said.
“There you have it! All the colors of the rainbow!” Jenni said. “So now Doll are you still on the line? Who's got your favorite color?” She asked.
“Jin. I love pink!” She gushed.
“Okay well we're going to let you go but stay tuned for the final question!” Sarah said to the caller and than disconnected.
“Final question time” Jenni said rubbing her hands together in a sinister look.
“You make this so much worse” Sarah laughed.
“I’m not making it awkward am I Diamond?” Jenni asked.
“I can’t say yes” Sarah gushed. “We’ve had weirder topics before!”
“You're scaring me. What kind of question is this?” Kooki said. Thankfully you could still hear him on the radio since he sat next to Sarah, still in Suga’s lap.
“You aren’t going to ask us if we watch porn are you?” J hope questioned. A burst of laughter came from the girls.
“Oh gosh don’t give us idea’s!” Sarah said. “Would you really answer if we asked?” She said teasing, but no actually serious. She meant it.
“No. Filthy mind filthy” J hope laughed.
“Okay well now it makes it easier to ask” Sarah said.
“Go for it Diamond! You got support behind you!” Jenni rooted for her friend.
No No It's not done I decided I couldn't do a cliff hanger there. I just wanted to finish! lol
Okay okay fine. Peer pressure always gets to me” Sarah said. “So Guys talking about colors, if it’s true those are your favorite colors, what color underwear do you have on?” Sarah asked.
“Oh subtle there, Diamond so subtle.” Jenni laughed.
“Black” Suga said not embarrassed in the least. Kooki held up a finger and than went to check at his waist band to look and see what color.
“I have red!” Kooki said.
“Do I have to answer?” Namjoon leaned over to ask Jenni.
“Uh” She thought for a second. “Not if you don’t want to. It’s just a fun question” She said at last with a shrug. The look of relief on his face.
“Well I have none on ladies” J hope said just as Jenni was tuning it.
“Holy crap what?” Jenni questioned.
“You heard right” J hope said.
“I want to bury my head in the sand after that!” Sarah said.
“NO Diamond don’t leave me!” Jenni said. “Oh wait than I left alone with all these guys. Okay see ya! Don’t get sand in your ears!” Jenni laughed.
“I’m going no where” Sarah said. “So anyone else want to share?” She asked looking at the guys no longer embarrassed by the question and how J hope apparently had no underwear on.
“I have pink” Jin said.
“I should check” JImin said. He checked. “Huh I have pink too” he said laughing.
“OH you two match!” Sarah said.
The other two opted out of answering and the girls let them with sad eyes and a comment about being too shy. They wrapped up and started playing a playlist of bts songs that were requested.

“So I have a question. I’ve been wondering. What got you two to go into a radio show?” Jimin asked. Jenni and Sarah looked at each other.
“Well for me it was to face my fear of talking to people and answering phone calls” Jenni said.
“Jenni used to be shy. I think that mold broke the first week we started this job” Sarah explained.
“What about you?” Jimin asked Sarah.
“Me? Oh come on, I get paid to talk to my best friend” She laughed.
“Your so sweet to me” Jenni teased.
“Well that plus the bonus of I get to meet celeb’s and I like to talk a lot” Sarah added.
“I see how it is. You just wanted to meet famous people” Jenni crossed her arms in fake anger.
“Awe you know I love you, my bestie” Sarah said punching her in the arm.
“But you abuse me” She whined rubbing the spot. Sarah didn’t make a comment and instead looked over her shoulder.
“OKay I have to double check one thing now” She said knocking on the glass behind her to get the attention of the girl on the other side.

“So you got the section of them calling us noona’s recorded for us right?” Sarah called out to Julia, the person behind the glass.
“Got it Diamond” Julia said through the intercom. “That was a great bit you did there” She complimented. “You got songs playing for the next hour and than news and weather will be on” Julia said.
“Are you done for the day?” Jin asked.
“Yup, this was our late show and now were done til tomorrow at four a.m” Sarah said.
“So early” Jenni whined.
“I need a drink” Sarah said.
“Now we eat?” Jin asked. “You're still feeding me” He told sarah. He was deadly serious about it!

So what does everyone think! I hope I got you good with J hope's comment! I know I got Sarah with the 'feed me' comment by Jin!

Now I'm sending the ball back to Sarah to pick up!
So I put together the two lists that both @SarahVanDorn and myself have! Hope we hadn't missed! If anyone wants to be added go ahead and post a comment saying Tag me and we'll do so!


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