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Hello My Melodies!! It is time to get to know the one and only Lee Minhyuk, well ok there are other Minhyuk's. This is BTOB's Minhyuk and he has stolen my heart in the blink of an eye. Quickly became my ultimate bias next to Namjoon of BTS. Enough about all that gushy stuff, let's move on to his cute adorable and quickly changing hotness. Onwards!
Name: Lee Min-hyuk (이민혁) Profession: Rapper, Actor, MC Birth date: November 29, 1990 (25) Instagram: @btob_2mh Twitter: @btob2mh
Fun Facts!: Before BTOB, Minhyuk was an underground music artist known as "Heota" and he was featured in Block B's Zico and Park Kyung's songs. How cool is that!? Before joining Cube Entertainment, Minhyuk was a former trainee at JYP. He is known as red shorts for recently ripping his pants while on stage at an MCountdown show case while preforming their newly released song "It's Okay". Fitting title for that incident. Minhyuk recently opened up about what happened, and even though he was embarrassed he kept dancing. He even said that his manager almost had him wear leopard printed shorts. Could you imagine that!?
This cutie pie shares the same favourite number as me. Like who even likes the number 8!? I've always felt that it's even all around, flip it on it's side and you get infinity, But for all seriousness his favourite number is 8 too. He also is the cutest Eeyore ever! And sleeps with lots of stuffed animals on his bed, two squirrels (cause he is a squirrel), Pooh bear, Tigger, and an Eeyore plushie. This guy is a Disney fanatic! (my personal observation.)
Every Friday unless I'm told otherwise is going to be about all the squirrely things this boy does. From all the drama's he has been in. To magazine cover's he has posed for. Don't worry I've got more than enough information to share with you on him, it's kind of funny how much I know. But for now, here are some adorable pictures to help you stan this idol, some are recent, most are old. But whatever works right!
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yass oppa!!! love it @LemonLassie
He is just the cutest thing....
@JessWang90 hhheeeehhheee you watch out. This is only the beginning
@IsoldaPazo yas! @JaxomB yes he so is!