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About the Story: Main Characters: Kyuhyun X Reader X ??? Genre: Romance; Angst A/N:, I'm a dork who doesn't know how to make enjoy the random pictures (>.<)
Chapter 1 Whispers filled the air as the tall boy brushed past the crowd. "Is that him?" seemed to be the question that enveloped the cold air. The boy ignored the whispers and continued to walk, shrugging his backpack back on his shoulders for it had started to slip off in his rush. He hated being in crowded places. People would always stare and, as much as he should be used to it, it still bothered him. He sighed in relief as he saw the light at the end of the hallway. "Almost there," he muttered. He was just within reach when he was stopped by a hand. "Ah, Kyuhyun-shi, right?" The boy took a deep breath and rolled his eyes before turning to face the disturbance. "What do you want?" "Ah, so it is you. It's so great to finally see you around school." The other boy stuck his hand out. Kyuhyun blankly stared at the other, waiting for him to continue. When it became too long by his standards, he opened his mouth. "Your point is?" The stranger scratched the back of his neck, the tone in Kyuhyun's voice starting to get to him. "Yah, just because you're well--" "Kyu," Y/N suddenly yelled out as she back hugged the older.聽 "I've been looking everywhere for you!" Everyone held their breath, wondering what could possibly come out of the cold boy's mouth. Instead, shock spread throughout the crowd when he gave out a little smile before turning around and lifting Y/N in the air. "What did I tell you about screaming in my ear," he asked. Y/N giggled. "I can't help it when you're so hard of hearing," she said. "Now let me down!" "I am not," he muttered before setting her down. "I waited as long as I could at the front, but everybody kept staring so I thought I could walk ahead." "It's cause you're too smart for your own good," she teased, poking his side. Everybody watched in amazement at the strange interaction. Kyuhyun was known world wide as a mathematical genius who had spent his first year of college in the States to present a theory he had been working on since his freshman year in high school. Everybody was looking forward to finally seeing him around Seoul National University. They couldn't wait to have the genius on campus. Plus, he was good looking to boot, so all the girls were after him. However, nobody could be that perfect. As much as everybody wanted to talk to him, he was also well known for being cold and stuck up, even towards his teachers. So the random nobody girl running up to hug him brought a huge shock to everybody watching. "You just take too long getting ready," he complained. "You look perfect in the morning so I don't even know why you try so hard."聽 He reached for her hand and started to drag her along to their destination. "Yah, I only look perfect because I try so hard," she grumbled. Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. "Whatever you say, Y/N," he said. "Anyways, we still have a couple of minutes before our lecture starts. Do you want to grab something to drink?" "Yes please," she said, her smile widening. "Can I have a strawberry smoothie?" "You're such a kid," he chuckled, pulling her towards a smoothie shop. The cool air caressed their face, causing them to take a deep breath. "Do you want a snack too?" Y/N shook her head. "You talk like you're paying for me," she said, pulling out her wallet. "Cause I am," he responded, playfully slapping her hands away from her bag. "Anyways, if you were planning to pay, you shouldn't have asked me for a smoothie." She huffed and looked away. "It was a force of habit!" He chuckled once more before approaching the counter to order their drinks. One strawberry smoothie, a cup of black coffee, and a bag of chocolate cookies. Y/N smiled after hearing of his order of cookies before walking away to grab a table. Kyuhyun followed after, the treats in hand. "Leaving me to fetch everything," he grumbled. "I'm not your slave." Y/N giggled. "It's cause you love me so much oppa," she said, winking. "And I always wonder why," he teased, preparing to set the treats down in front of her now pouting face.聽 As always, he peeled the straw and stabbed it into her drink before setting it down. Then, he grabbed some cookies and placed it down onto a napkin. Y/N couldn't help but smile at the scene. Kyuhyun really hasn't changed after all these years. He was still the same guy who carefully and sweetly took care of her. Albeit, nobody knew this side of him, which was nice in a way. Though, Y/N wished that he would open up a bit more towards people. He was just shy after all and she hated seeing him alone. He finally sat down and, noticing the smile on her face, started to turn slightly pink. "Yah, stop looking at me like that and eat your cookies," he mumbled, trying to drink his coffee. "Thank you for ordering them," she said. "I can't believe you read my mind about these cookies." He winked before focusing his eyes back on his coffee. "You know, I really missed you." "I missed you too," she admitted. "It was so hard to get in contact with you cause you were always so busy." She watched his smile widen. "I was worried we would lost contact or that you would, you know, find someone else." Kyuhyun laughed at the thought. "As if anybody could ever replace you, you silly girl." He flicked her head, causing her to yelp. "Now stop getting all sappy on me." She smiled and happily chewed as she watched his gaze flitter outside the window. 'Who could he possibly be looking at,' she wondered, swallowing the last of her cookie. "Hey, Kyu, what are--" Arms suddenly wrapped around Y/N's shoulders as her eyes widened in shock. Kyuhyun's eyes, on the other hand, turned cold. "Guess who," a familiar voice asked. "Donghae," Y/N cheerfully greeted. She jumped from her chair to hug the older. "I missed you this morning," he said after pulling her away from the hug. "Where did you go?" "Ah, I had to go find Kyu oppa! I promised him that I would take him around school--." She suddenly stopped and turned towards Kyuhyun. "That's right! Donghae, this is Kyuhyun." Donghae stepped away and walked towards the still sitting man. He stuck a hand out, which Kyuhyun ignored, causing him to awkwardly pull it back. "Nice to meet you." "Kyu," she continued, completely oblivious to the boy's antics. "This is Donghae. My boyfriend." And that's where it all started.
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