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馃槶Omg I am shocked I can't believe they are releasing a new song 馃槺 I can't wait 馃槶I hope it's not a joke 馃槶
It's no joke...They said they were going to add more songs to "MADE" before releasing the entire full completed album ~~ And a few days ago on YG's official instagram account he posted a photo of a text message between him and G-Dragon ....GD said that he's waiting on TOP'S final lyrics and then they would do the final recording of the song(s) when they returned back to Seoul and then the full completed MADE album should be released shortly after that ~~~ :)
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OMG don't play with my feel!!!!!!!! dude!!! @Stephany123
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@KwonOfAKind Waaah~ Thats awesome! Sorry, I didnt know they said they were going to add more songs to MADE! This makes me really happy!
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*prepares my grave once again*
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