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Who: Reader x Kim Jongdae What: Pain, Love Chapter 9 (This story is loosely based off of 2NE1's music video Go away. I kind of just needed to write it out cause it's in my head but I thought you guys might like it. so enjoy) Story: He was the love of your life until he broke up with you in the most humiliating way. You keep going on with your life trying to live with the pain of working with your ex-boyfriend at the race track and seeing his new girlfriend hanging on his arm. The more you see him the more destructive you become. Right now the only person that can keep you sane is your closest friend Jongdae.
Y/N's POV The race began and you sped up passing the two cars that were situated before you. You came to the first turn and slowed down, shifting gears and drifting slightly to turn. You shifted the gears quick hitting the gas pedal and speeding up. The delay was gone and you were ecstatic. The crowd was roaring so loud you could hear them over your engine, the announcer commenting on how you were holding first place. You looked in your rear view, two cars coming up behind you, the all black one was Yixing's the hot red you recognized as Baekhyun's. It was not time to celebrate it was time to concentrate. You couldn't let either one pass you up. Yixing's POV She shot straight out as soon as the light hit green. He let her drive the track yesterday breaking the rules because he could. He was impressed by her readiness and he started to get excited by her driving skills. She came to the first turn, she drifted expertly and there was no delay either. His advice to her had worked, though he didn't doubt it. She wouldn't be so eager to give him credit though. Now that he'd seen her make the turn he made his turn as well accelerating afterwards and coming for her. He held back to see if she could do it, now he was going to put her skills to the test. He was coming up right behind her noticing Baekhyun's car behind him. He swerved in front of him making sure he couldn't get in front. Yixing made it up to Y/N's side; he saw her look over at him, the next turn was coming up. He swerved closer to her and she swerved to moved out of the way ruining her ability to make the next turn perfectly. She got stalled and he passed by her. He looked in his mirror to see her being passed by Baekhyun before she fixed her car. He smirked to himself, she was good but way in over her head. Jongdae's POV Jongdae stood in the stands with Chanyeol and Jongin. They all took the day off to see Y/N race. He was nervous for her but he always enjoyed watching her race, it excited him. When she pulled off, he uttered, "Wow!" "She passed them so quickly, she's so good." Jongin said clapping in excitement. Jongdae laughed and screamed with the crowd when she made her turn, Yixing and Baekhyun weren't too far behind her. "She fixed her turns quickly, whoa she's gotten so good so quick!" Chanyeol said. "And Yixing is closing in on Y/N fast!" the announcer said. Jongdae saw Yixing swerve closer to Y/N and she swerved her car the other way. As the turn came up, it looked like she hadn't had enough control to make it like she did the first one. Both her and Baekhyun and made the turn but Baekhyun was able to pick up faster and he passed her. Jongdae felt bad but he cheered for Y/N with the others. The orange car came speeding up behind her after the second turn, that car belonged to Minseok if he remember correctly. Y/N and him were in a neck and neck trying to swerve each other out of control until she stepped on the break making him swerve father to the right than he meant to. The stall seemed to be enough of a distraction for her to drive around him and speed up now following behind Baekhyun. Y/N's POV 'Not cool Yixing.' You thought. You had some trouble with Minseok swerving back and forth trying to get you out of the way so you quickly pressed on the breaks and he swerved over too much. You quickly took the opportunity to drive around him and hit the gas pedal. You found yourself behind Baekhyun. There was no way he was going to let you pass, you were coming up to the third turn of the track the hardest one too. It turned in right then left, it was probably the most dangerous turn because of how quick it had to be made. You slowed slightly making the first turn and then the second turn came up quick and you made the turn sharply; it seemed to throw Baekhyun off and you drove past him quickly catching up to Yixing. Your heart was pumping, this was the most fun you'd ever had. You were next to him in a second, both of you making turns together and driving side by side. You two swerved toward each other to catch the other off. Baekhyun was racing against Minseok who had him trapped. The first lap was made and you waited for Yixing to slow and to make the first turn. You slowed yourself right after him and whipped the car around, yours and his car almost touching each other. You kept a steady lock till Baekhyun had come to your other open side. You were trapped between the two as they both tried to throw you off. "Shit!" you yelled. You pressed on the break just as they both came near you and they struggled to keep their cars from ramming into each other. You tailed behind Baekhyun waiting for the next turn to come up. Baekhyun's POV She was as amazing as ever behind the wheel. She had shot out and led the race for a good amount of time. Yixing had been successful in kicking her out of the lead though and Baekhyun took the opportunity to follow up. He was tailing Yixing until Y/N had come up behind him and he had no idea how she did it. The hardest turns came up and she slowed her pace as did he but her sharp turn on the second half had thrown him off and he couldn't help but falter. He was tied up with Minseok again and he was determined to stay in his spot. He turned to get the back of his car to go into his lane making him drive sideways and almost into the wall of the track before Baekhyun was able to clear up and make his way back up to Yixing and Y/N. The only way he could keep her from taking the lead again was to trap her and once he'd driven his car to her other side both him and Yixing had her car swerving until she breaked, almost making them run into each other. That was a very dangerous move but she was going to do anything to win. She stayed behind him until the next turn came up, Yixing was still leading and she had made the turn and then sped up. Her acceleration caught him off guard and she zoomed past Yixing. "What the hell?" he said. He had no idea how she pulled that trick off but he was pressing the gas pedal to catch up. Minseok had come to him though, he was relentless. He'd made the next turn surpassing Baekhyun. Baekhyun drove up behind him the front of his car almost touching his bumper. When Minseok moved to the side, Baekhyun followed and made sure he didn't have much room to move freely. Jongdae's POV "Look they finished their second lap already!" Jongin slapped Chanyeol's arm excited. "Y/N's been keeping Yixing on his toes. They're neck and neck." Chanyeol said. "Let's go Y/N!" Jongdae screamed. The crowd was loud as the announcer made his commentary. Y/N and Yixing were tied and Baekhyun and Minseok were fighting to get in front of each other. The race was so exciting between those few that the other drivers seemed to be background characters. Yixing and Y/N must have had the pedal nearly burned through the floor of the car. They were driving fast, neither one of them letting the other get a head. They came up to the third turn again, their last lap would determine who would win. Baekhyun was coming up from behind Minseok and getting close to Yixing and Y/N. Baekhyun made the sharp turn almost hitting Y/N in the process. Baekhyun was able to recover and somehow Y/N had gotten in front of him. Yixing's POV She was ruthless and he liked it. He'd never had competition like this before. She was on his tail every second. She was using that trick to her advantage. She wasn't allowing him to get anywhere ahead of her and at the same time she was holding her own against Baekhyun. She was more impressive than he thought. He saw her car almost get hit by Baekhyun and got slightly worried. She recovered but that was dangerously too close for comfort. Like an expert she was on his tail again. They were close to finishing their second lap. Y/N was by his side the whole time As they neared the finish line again, he had tensed up. Trying hard to lose her but she was right next to him making sure he couldn't. On their final lap, they both crossed the finish line. Y/N's POV You slowed down the car taking the turn to lead into your garage. You jumped out of the car feeling ecstatic, the adrenaline racing through your blood. Yixing pulled up behind you. He jumped out of his car taking off his helmet. He looked to you then up at the screen as the announcer said, "The officials are checking the footage." You watched the footage with him and it slowed up, showing three different angels. To break the tie and have a clear winner, your car had crossed the finish line just slightly after Yixing's did. You sighed, you were declared second place and Baekhyun third finishing with Minseok at fourth and the others trailing behind. You looked at Yixing with a sort of smirk and he smiled back at you with his dimples showing. He walked over to you and held out his hand, "That was one hell of a race." "Enjoy your victory Yixing, because in a race this big you won't beat me again." You said confidently. You grabbed his hand shaking it and he shook his head still smiling while muttering, "Cocky." You laughed and let his hand go. You turned to Baekhyun who was walking up to you two. Your smile stayed but it wasn't as big as the one you gave Yixing. Baekhyun shook both of your hands, "Great race, I'm proud of you Y/N. You're an amazing racer Yixing." "Thank you." you said. He seemed to have made a complete 180 in the past two days. He stopped trying to get on your nerves and he tried to give you your space as much as possible. Baekhyun had talked to Jongdae and changed his mind and Jongdae still wouldn't elaborate on how or why he did it but you were glad he did. "Looks like I'll need more work, still came in right behind you." he said. "Be more confident in yourself Byun Baekhyun you're a far better racer than you know." you said. "I'd trust her word if I were you, someone with the skill to nearly beat me by that much is a great judge of skill." Yixing said. Baekhyun seemed a little surprised at that but he smiled anyway. Jongdae, Jongin and Chanyeol came running up to you and they all hugged you tightly. "My little Y/N did so good." Jongdae said wrapping his arms around your neck. Jongin's arms were around your stomach as he said, "Little Y/N was so amazing, my heart was racing!" "You're both so over dramatic." You laughed. "I can't believe you let a Sparrow beat you. I guess they really are superior." Chanyeol said. "Chan sweetie I want you to go outside and bite the curb I'll be there in a second." You said. Everyone just laughed. They pulled away so you could get your picture taken, you took one with Yixing and Baekhyun in the order of how the race was won. Jongdae and the others took you out to eat for diner before Jongdae took you home. You made him spend the night and you two were at it all night long. Your last round ended with him holding your hand, and finally asking what he had wanted to know for the past two days. "Y/N have you made up your mind on what you're going to do about the offer? You're contract is up in two months they must be dying to know." "Yeah I've made up my mind but I'm not telling anyone just yet." "Why not?" "I love you Jongdae, I always will but I'm not saying anything till I'm ready." you whispered against his lips before you kissed him goodnight. *Three months Later* Two months flew by and you had announced you were leaving Speed to join Sparrow. The guys were supportive of you and even Baekhyun wished you success with the new company. He'd put more effort into his driving and had improved far more than you expected him to in two months. He was becoming a dangerous rival himself. After you told Jongdae, he seemed to get a little distant at first. He supported you but you could sense that he wasn't ready to let you go, even though he knew it was best for you to take the job. The more he prepared himself for your leave the more you felt nervous about going. But for three months, he'd spent as much time as he could with you. He spent the night at your house all the time, ate lunch with you took you out to diner. He made sure he had his fill of you before you left him for an entire year. That was the scariest part, that for a full year neither Jongin or Jongdae would be around you. You three had spent your entire lives together and this was the first time you'd officially be split apart. It took a full month for Sparrow to get the contract and living arrangements ready. You had voided your contract with Speed and now you were at the airport with Yixing waiting to board. Jongin and Chanyeol had seen you off at the house but Jongdae was no where to be found when you woke up. He didn't answer his phone and he didn't text you back. You really didn't want him ignoring you the day you were leaving but you couldn't wait for him anymore, you had to make your flight. "That little pet of yours didn't show up, I'm surprised. I was hoping to get threatened by him to not touch you while we were in Shanghai." Yixing said wrapping his arm around your shoulder playfully. "I'm not her pet but I would appreciate it if you kept your hands off of her." Both you and Yixing turned around to see Jongdae. You smiled and wrapped your arms around him. Tears were already threatening to break through your eyes. "I'm late, I know but no way in hell was I going to miss seeing you off." "Where did you go this morning? I couldn't find you or get a hold of you." "I'm sorry I just had to get this." He pulled away from you and showed you a plain sliver ring on a necklace. "This one matches mine, so you're not going to forget me. It's a promise that I'm in your heart and you're in mine." You couldn't hold back, you grabbed his face and kissed him. Your tried to make the kiss as loving and as deep as your body and emotions would allow you. You pulled away with tears falling from your eyes. He wiped your face, "Don't cry Pabo, these are new beginnings. Be happy." He brushed your hair back and clipped the necklace around your neck. "I'm going to miss you so much." you said. "I'll miss you too.... it's only a year, Jagi." he whispered the term close to your lips. Your foreheads were touching each other and your heart was aching because you wanted to stay but you had to go. Your flight was announced to leave and Yixing pulled you away gently as he said back to Jongdae, "Don't worry I'll take good care of her." "Just don't do anything funny, she can take care of herself." Jongdae shot back. You got on the plane sighing as you say next to Yixing. "He really loves you. That's rare, I guess he'll actually wait for you." Yixing said. "I hope so because I love him too."
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