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I apologize that this is late. I was flying back home all day yesterday that I have some of it done but I fell asleep while working on it. I hope you guys will enjoy this one.
This weekend you were invited to go to the carnival that was coming to town. Your outfit that you had picked out was?
You were invited by him.
He didn't want to go because of the scary rides.
You wanted to spend alone time with him, however he met some else.
He cheered you up and let you chose the ride.
The ride you chose was?
While you were on the ride, this one won you a prize.
That prize was?
He bought you food, though there was only enough for you and him.
The food that he chose was?
After eating fireworks went off and he gave you a back hug.
He saw it happen and was jealous that you got a back hug from someone else.
After the carnival it was time to go home and these two volunteered to walk you home (2 screenshots)
He walked you to your door and gave you a kiss on the forehead before leaving.
There you guys go. Don't forget to tag me in you results! Again I apologize that I was late with this one. The next will be extra special for you guys.
Q3 Squad!
Lovely B2uties;
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hahaha this was fun